Elk – Continuously

artist: Elk
title: Continuously
keywords: alternative, video, alternative, acoustic, singer songwriter
reviewer: WIllem van O.

Elk music is so nice and kind to have made another enjoyable single for us naughty listeners to enjoy. This time it’s coming across as a mild autumn rain. Either falling kindly on top of our heads like a warm cozy shower, or as seen through a window. It’s either way an comfortable and pleasing song for the ears and perhaps even for the mind.

There isn’t an awful lot for me to say about it, as I quietly have been drifting away on the few minutes that this single had been manifesting itself into my ears. Luckily the music also comes with visual material to stare at when the song plays. It surprisingly does a great job to visualize the feeling that I gained from listening to the song, so there is no actual need to go out and find that autumn rain in front or behind a window, as watching this as a music video is enough to fulfill the right mood with the right needs.

Besides if everything had gone correctly at the time of your birth, you’ll probably able to see and hear the track with your own ears. The only thing I could do is just point out where to watch and hear it at some point in time. … I guess this point is right now:

For more Elk, please do visit their official website:
or perhaps check Elk out on facebook:

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