Reg Bloor – Theme from an Imaginary Slasher

artist: Reg Bloor
title: Theme from an Imaginary Slasher
keywords: Metal/Punk: Post-Punk
artist website:

Self-produced debut solo album by the underground guitarist and member of the Glenn Branca Ensemble and THE PARANOID CRITICAL REVOLUTION where she takes her experiments in atonal harmony and dissonance, angular melodies and dizzying meter to new extremes.

Reg Bloor is the artist you should be for the look out for. Her way of electrifying guitar work is massive, powerful and kinda mean. Her sound is one that makes you want to look over your shoulder, just to check if awesomeness will struck down a thunderbolt of lightening. Reg Bloor’s sound is so huge, wild and structured, you’ll feel her music like a string played slash hammer ready to strike on top of your head. She brings the sound that will make you spin, something that even though we are warning you here; you won’t see it conning!


^ Reg Bloor : the musician that will slay your ears with great precision!

She mangles her electrifying guitar into music you won’t hear anywhere else, add a drum kit and she truly let you experience madness in the best way of the word. It’s a maddening menacing sound and with this it comes also great originality. It is fair to say that there are no other artists around who sound anything as wild as Regbloor; her music will rip your head off, make you jump on the table like a frightened cat jumping for joy!

Regbloor’s sound is as original as it is bloody, she uses her instruments to become massive slashers to the ears; thrilling and exciting with no place left for sweet talk. Her electric guitar is handled like a delicate axe, something that will chop of your ears in pure extremity & you will love every second of it!

Personally I can’t think of any better musician to discover on this day. Regbloor will simply put you out of your potential misery, shoots you up with her bombastic riffs and will make you high and powerful enough to quit your day job! This is the music that will changes lives, kicks people out of their normal habits and quite simply slays anything wild that you might have heard before! She will serve your head on a plate, twist it around in order to get your ears directly to her amplifier & forcibly finish you off with the great musicianship of a devoted killer! It’s got to be heard, to be believed! Freaking awesome!

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