FUN FAN FEST 2016 – Fun Fan Colaix

artist: FUN FAN FEST 2016
title: Fun Fan Colaix
keywords: 2016 experimental colaix collage collagecore fabra i coats fan fest fun Manresa

Fun Fan Fest is one of these remarkable recordings in which a threesome of the worlds finest sound experts had teamed up to give people something to listen too. These sound experts are not just your average boy George and Gi Jane, but artists who know their cuts from their pasts. To be precize, its Srta “Y” (i-rrealismenarratiu), CaraPinoBausch (tijerasbent) & Hiyohiyoipseniyo (collagecore). These weirdos (a highly technical term for sound experts) have done something that probably is done live, but as a recording; it can be heard at any moment of time. (Except in the past, way back before the actual recording was made…)

Of course in reality, live performances are always better enjoyed live in real life. You are then able to see them creating the audio structures and drinking & smoking while drooling all over their equipment. Now unfortunately we are just stuck with the recording, which is a bit like listening to a finger; pointing out the party you had missed .

For sure, hearing this release we can be assured that we had been missing out. It’s a fun party alright, yet there is no booze for us listeners to sink in, no free bonus shots of liqueur spicing the whole happening up… It’s a surreal event listening to the sounds of a party filled with Spanish party people, chatting around like headless chickens with party hats instead of heads.

It’s a bit like being dropped in a feast in which no one knows your name, and you are the only one sober as a true believed on a Sunday. You can hear the fun, the conversations, the chit chat, the singing, the dancing, the laughter, the sound performances and their critics; yet it’s like listening to something we had been wishing to go to and never made it. A bit like hearing a vacation, but actually being told that we’ve missed the airplane.

It probably is less dramatic when you are able to understand the Spanish party people, but it might be more helpful if you just happen to be close to a booze cabinet and are emptying it’s content as if someone else is paying for it. Intoxicated is the best way to get rid of the vibe of hearing something you have missed out on; so better start poisoning your liver while you give this release a try over here:

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