Tlaotlon – ACACIA A/V

artist: Tlaotlon
title: ACACIA A/V
keywords: experimental idm avant-garde bassline electroacoustic modern musique concrete mutant techno noise vaporwave wonky Oakland
label: Weird Ear Records
reviewer: Simon Hit

An intelligent sounding rhythmic ratatouille that might get your into the mood to scratch your own head. That is a bit what ‘Turno Mimosa’ and it’s partner in crime ‘Nekta’ are coming across over here. It’s such an exposure of strange and odd rhythms that I feel it’s not easy to claim it to be good, neither that it’s bad. Perhaps the music is too smart for its own good, taking up such an intelligent shape and form that I’m feeling like a simpleton not having a clue how to deal with it.

Its a form of music that goes for a theme of mind above matter, rhythm before the dance and brain before melodic recognition. It’s clearly plugging into the charming technical aspects made famous by Autechre and friends, yet for some reason; Autechre seems to be easier to jump in and be carried away with. So if you are up fora challenge, this might be the music to go for.

As a dumbstruck listener these tracks roll in like a groovy Albert Einstein on percussion. They swing like E=Mc2 and wobble towards scientific climaxes and anti-climaxes. It’s like listening to sleek cleaned up calculators calculated rhythms, and some soft hints of human life in music insertions. In general it’s coming across like material that feels made more for the chin stroking electronic music lover, then a XTC-head at the nearest rave.

The release comes in a super good looking package, stunning artwork that feels as a product that had landed on earth from the far future; a place probably full of artificial intelligence, and reviewers with a brain much larger than the one penning this text for you. If you are a person that is smart, likes programmed beats and let’s say post-IDM, than please do check it out

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