LUISA – done_poorly​@​shit​.​com

artist: LUISA
title: done_poorly​@​shit​.​com
keywords: experimental alien done poorly lo-fi São Paulo
reviewer: Simon Hit

LUISA are Luis Resquin and Figgy Isa, together they had build an release that follows an traditional album setup. It starts with the kind introduction. A piece of work in which both these raw diamonds show their angelic side, I could imagine them with curly hair, half named with grotesque feathered wings on their backs dangling from a swing that mysteriously hangs under a magical cloud. Their eyes sparkle like deep oceans in the moonlight. One plays the guitar like a romantic minstrel and the other let some kind of electric noise escape to form a duet of technology and old fashioned handy work.

LUISA then throws the whole lovable scene of angelic delight out of the window, in able to throw up an uptempo form of madness creatively touching upon the mystical abracadabra punk of the Portuguese language. It’s a burst of energy, a slice of insanity; nicely breaking the barriers of the just established ambient.

Then to be completely rebellious LUISA brings in ‘cistem’ which strangely sounds as if they had hijacked Stephen Hawking’s voice to perform a calm protest song, with a keyboard sound that my canary would pluck it’s feathers out for.

A more love orientated song is ‘Jane’ which goes for a shake a bean can and slap the strings on a guitar. It’s a goodbye song and if the ‘Jane’ in question heard what it is that the singer forgot to tell her before she left; she’ll probably sped up her journey.

Prepologo is a bit of a messy tune, with the two collaborators playing on whatever is available, going from a calm rumble to one that smells like a hysteric form of hysteria. It makes you want to be there with them and play along!

The prologue at the end is probably done by LUISA urinating in sync in the bathroom sink. It’s a dignified end for a collaboration, and with the sound of ‘taking a leak’ in mind, I salute you by providing a link to hear it all:

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