The Chewers – Live at Exit​/​In

a2336734863_16artist: The Chewers
title: Live at Exit​/​In
keywords: experimental avant garde avant-rock blues concert experimental experimental rock live punk rock weird Nashville

With a gigantic cheers from a well willing freakish club of dedicated group of The Chewers fans, this amazing new live album kicks in. The Chewers thank the crowd and then waste no time to hit their instruments to get that fine raw The Chewers atmosphere out and in the open. The drum swings like a steady warrior and the electric guitar punches around like a cannibal in search for fresh meat in its soup. The voice is raw, wet, cranky, sweaty and meaningful. As a foreigner, not really knowing The Chewers language, you can hear that whatever the words are about; The Chewers are meaning it.

As soon as The Chewers’s sound kicks totally in; it’s a party with no way out. The Chewers met you know that they are filthy, and them being filthy never sounded so good! From a music listening perspective their filthy-ness is a delight to hear; you can hear the spit catapulted from their tongues, the strings being strummed by black fingernails, and it as believable as a happy pig in a mud bath. The Chewers are having a good time, and so is the audience at the venue.. And to be honest, if you can count us listeners at the Yeah I Know It Sucks office as an audience too; I’m god to inform you that we are dancing topless on our desks!

The music of The Chewers is raw, loud, but also great inviting party hard material. The material gets nice and fuzzy in the recording, giving the whole session an effect cozy form of Lo-fi craziness without sounding like an old radio recording. The Chewers are a weirdo party punk band of the now and the possible future, stabbing it’s presence deeper and deeper with each and every tune on this recording. They chew off any prejudice you might had against The Chewers, proving them to be real, wild, and at times even showing a sensible side. The Chewers are having the ability to provoke a happy adrenaline rush by combining fine musicianship with the ability to sound like they dug a hole out of a lunatic asylum after a full year of therapy.


The Chewers (in the middle) and the Chewers dancing dancers (on the left and right) + Chewer fans in the front

There is something mad about it, something that is as pure as it is wonderful & yet it is all coming across as if they know exactly what they are doing; so not that mad after all! Enough material to know that The Chewers are the band to spice up your life by giving that extra edge, that extra push to the limit of insane passion in a duo band form! Too bad perhaps for the album that the two dancers (who had been dancing at the live gig) are not included with the release, but the more reason to kick your own ass to start a dancing party frenzy.

The live album by these The Chewers is good fun, and a good showcase for any place to hear and wonder why the hell they didn’t book ‘the chewers’ yet for an unforgettable night! Seriously, contact The Chewers, fly them over to your tropical locations, setup a tour and let them entertain you! They might chew, but don’t bite! And even if they do; big chance you might enjoy it!

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