id m theft able – Jimmy Page

artist: id m theft able
title: Jimmy Page
keywords: experimental rap avant garde experimental noise poetry portland maine sound poetry tribal Portland


Hello, readers! I’m very enthusiastic about the following release, and have big hopes you’ll share a similar enthusiasm upon putting it in your ears. It’s that kind of material that you want to run up the hill for and shout to all the villages in the valleys below to ‘please check this out!’.

I’m sorry to be carried away for a bit, but just wanted to make sure that this release by this spectacular artist has grabbed your attention. I seriously hope it has, as this is not just another album by another artist; this is one of these special ones that will leave you foaming around the mouth from its discovery.

The most amazing thing is that this one actually came to us, brought by the artist itself like gold jumping inside the treasure chest. It’s a rare happening to hear something so good and so rare without actually having to search all over the place, working hard in the underground gold mine for hours to deliver you something worthwhile.. So be extra grateful, as this artist simply jumped in our eye and ear sight and said; listen to me please, please, please… And with no intention to ignore such a beautiful golden nugget of pure talent and originality, who made our life just a little easier, by simply showing up & being awesome: we listened and got our minds blowed in a spectacular way!

I told you already; this is an artist you won’t find every day, and it’s a blessing he had found us (and we found you, dear reader!). He is one of these artists you should definitely hear, love and respect before you die; an talent you must check out otherwise your life will be truly meaningless! Here is an artist who has a very special talent and it’s turning me into some kind of circus ringmaster of pure enthusiasm!

Ladies and gentlemen…
Girls and boys…
With a emotional passion in my words I’m honored to introduce you to:

id m theft able

and it’s must hear brilliant release:

Jimmy Page

What this artist does is simply amazing! And when you hear it, you’ll probably want to share it among all your music loving friends & collectors of the ‘special things’ out there… This artist sweeps up the mood and delivered a performance that is unlike anyone else around here! He sets a energetic vocal show that covers his activities (like him for example ‘missing the bus’..) into an unbelievable showmanship of words, sentences, broken rhythms, and fanatic mouth and tongue play!

I refuse to go into the details of the performance, telling you the story, the contents of the words.. it would be just as stupid as telling the end, plot and script of a movie you should watch! No Spoilers here, just a rambling flow of enthusiasm and respect!

I can’t seem to find anyone who is able to do what this artist does, and that makes him automatically ‘simply the best’. With a minimal backdrop of a rhythm that stays low key and simple, he manages to put his vocal output into a vast moving story in which so much manic energy is brought up, that it comes across as a favorite ‘underworld’ classic that was once used as the soundtrack for the Trainspotting movie. But compared to that song, this is wild brilliance on the loose! For the entire lengthy time of the story you’ll be hooked and surprised, as time goes by in rapid speed, delivering something to bang your head with without having any beats involved. This is material you must hear!! I confirm to inform you that I really hope you do!

I get rarely enthusiastic about things, it’s either the sight of baby ducks or original talent like id m theft able. So make this the musical Monday gift and enjoy the recording at the following link: (it’s brilliant!)

p.s. big thanks to Flandrew Fleisenberg for saying ‘yeah’ .. the release wouldn’t have been the same without it…

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