Shame Party – Keep it Liquid

artist: Shame Party
title: Keep it Liquid
keywords: electronic techno experimental electronic noise spoopy weird Idaho Falls

Shame Party is keeping its tunes as liquid as the content of a bottle of LSD brewed at times of an Olympic rage. Not all the tracks are perhaps like this, the ‘bed of static’ one is probably more a solid substance, one to lay your head on before the wild liquid rage really kicks in; but in general it’s definitely as liquid and mad as possible.

Think spit and saliva on the lips, watery big eyes and a lethal dose of speed flushing through your heart chambers. It’s this kind of liquid madness that these tracks are all about; absolutely hyper material that feels like an chemical waterfall that rushes electronic madness at you. You might say ‘techno’ you might shout ‘rave’ but in reality it’s much more alternative material. It delivers with ease the rush of authentic punk, yet no guitars are allowed at the wild liquid gathering!

It’s a wild ride, starting with full on liquid Nausea , providing an excellent brew of speed electronics that gives you the rush that could previously only be experienced by sitting inside a working washing machine while intoxicated of a chemical recreational liquid. Trust me, the rush is very good and listening to the music even gives you less risk of brutal bruises. Although nausea might.. Well.. Give you nausea..

‘Probe Disco’ is just as mad as it is good; hyper speed madness for the eclectic liquid lover, providing beats to jump on in case you might drown from delight on these wild productions. There are people dancing under my skin’ is a lesser wild goody on the collection, providing a good break to cultivate some previous audio paranoia. Don’t worry if you see or hear things that aren’t there, as it’s just the ‘liquid’ speaking to you! Besides the party of insanity will quickly take away these dodgy thoughts with liquid party goodies ‘my skeleton is vibrating’ and ‘tongue mountain’.

It’s perhaps not for the faint hearted, the solid lover and minimal techno nerds; but if you are into electronic liquid to go ultimately mental with; then this might be your ticket to the asylum! Enjoy!

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1 Response to Shame Party – Keep it Liquid

  1. Linda says:

    ❤ love this! Probe disco is asseome. The synths in There are people dancing under my skin make me think of some cool songs of Binaerpilot. niiiice!

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