Coma. – dR_own

a1107677248_16Artist: Coma.
Title: dR_own
keywords: black metal experimental experimental metal industrial metal ambient experimental electronic industrial noise suicidal depressive ambient Feldkirch

Let’s go down to dR_own by Coma. It’s coming across as music that sets foot in a apocalyptic world in which most human life had been destroyed and demonic Satan worshiping demons have taken over the ghost towns with their terrifying screams and faces of death. It’s a world in which shadows are more prominent then light, fear more important then faith and hell could await survivors around every edge and corner.

The album starts with the perfect opening that fits the disappearance into this world of emerging darkness. See it as the transition from the planet that we live in, to the ones many claim to be the land of nightmares. A voice wishes you good night & all hell breaks loose.

Here demons fly around you in devilish harmony, picking you up with their electric black magic guitar strings and voices from the unknown. The thrill is there, lifting you up like a shock infested push into the hot and spicy flames of hell.

There it’s time to meet your new overlord ‘Overflow (feat. Narbengrund)’ , a manic and vast amount of gruesomeness , proving an excellent industrial vampire atmosphere of grotesque proportions. The vocals are haunting, the music is set to kill and resolutely slaughters like a professional butcher every inch of sensibility out of the system, replacing it with an evil and twisted work that might quite possible hunt you for the rest of your miserable lives. The music is killing the cure, poisoning all hope with a ear stabbing of excellent thrilling theme that horrifies and attracts at glorious proportions. It’s good music, hyping enough it’s powers to sign your life away by signing that contract delivered by salesman Satan herself…

The evil darkness takes us even deeper into its cores of approval tic hell with the movie-esque demon ride named ‘Dehumanize’. Here it’s pain and suffering from lost souls that howl through captivating unnerving music, resulting in exposures of heavy orgasmic demon like screaming in combination of melodies that will throw ears in the hot flames in ritualistic Gothic sacrificial rituals. These moments are vast, thick and even (for it being so evil) bizarrely beautiful! It has an epicenter of pretty drama, in which melody can be extracted that seems to come from a higher being. It’s a wild and exciting ride, blacker then black and yet extremely potent in a uplifting terrifying way!

The last sounds are being left to ‘Aphephosmophobia’ which is coming across as exposing the newly shaped shackles around our ankles, while marching along in the dark abyss of realization that there is no religious deity who can save us from the awesomeness that is this horror infected love nest known as dR_own… Come and join me and the other lost trapped souls in the apocalyptic free world of powerful demons, skillful trauma insertions and obviously heartbeat raising chapters of excellent doom!

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