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reviewer: WIllem van O.

CRUMZ DEEP (flows) and THIRD RATE (beats and production) is something you shouldn’t take for granted, or overlook.
That’s why we dug up the 2012 album for our sharing pleasures. It’s an album that will make you know that even though Snoop Dogg smokes a hell lot of pot; he is a far cry from the mad level that CRUMZ DEEP and THIRD RATE had touched upon with this strange album.

On the album CRUMZ DEEP showcases and divers tunes and tracks with different word flows, content and styles. Some of it sounds serious, most of it sounds like an wacky alien high on a wave of creativity and a lot of things on its mind to say and get out.
On a bed of beats and stimulating backdrops of music by THIRD RATE, CRUMZ DEEP showcases his madness and while listening you might think ‘Who is the dealer of this guy?’ any chance of smoking the shit that CRUMZ DEEP has been inhaling?

It’s not only CRUMZ DEEP and THIRD RATE on this album, they also brought valuable friends to do their thing. Fleetwood Mac Miller, Pebblez, and Lady Bone & SUper TT Trey Boy BKN and Paal Fenix. Together they bring an release that is as serious as its comical, and is probably also the only hip-hop work which has a song about ‘Twitter’. It’s a good album if you are into this kind of music, enough diversity, good flows, humor, getting it real with an extra dose of magic. But the album aside, it was the discovery of the music video’s that kidnapped my ears to hear this particular album.

CRUMZ DEEP’s official video clip for the hit ‘Cambodia’ doesn’t only feature the classy music which nicely seems to be a fusion of hip-hop, The Doors’s trip-hop, guitar flip flop and a profusion of word play that will get you in the ‘what?’ What did this dude just say?’ gaming mood.. The artist reveals he has the gift of sweating piss and that his sexual organ is so large it will encapsulate the entire hemisphere. He also let us clearly know that nobody knows if he is for real, or just a joke… A statement clearly indicating that he is probably for real, and has a good sense of humor along the way. His album sounds too dope to be just a joke! Although his rubber lips surrounded by the rest of his face wrapped in a hoody, does come across energetically comical..

Another music video clip that pretty much might interest you is for a tune named ‘SWEAT SWEAT (ft. Pebblez)’. This is probably the one that has the most potential of becoming a hot and viral summer hit that is so cool and sleazy it might spread sexual transmitted lustiness to all listener’s vital organs. The song has a more serious vibe perhaps then ‘Cambodia’, but it also has a high sleaziness to it; bringing sexiness into the hotness of the places which normally the son doesn’t seem to shine. CRUMZ DEEP likes it sweaty and smelly; making it a joy for the listening viewers at home that the ‘smell app’ isn’t spread around the internet ages yet.

All in all, this is something you probably either like or you don’t. But there is always a neat road of tastes in the freaking middle. Besides if you don’t like it, CRUMZ DEEP will be happy to take your hand and shove it up your own ass… (and what’s not to like about that?)

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