Find Hope In Darkness – Locked So Tightly In Our Dreams

artist: Find Hope In Darkness
title: Locked So Tightly In Our Dreams
format: CD / digital
keywords: ambient belgium experimental dark ambient disintegration drones field recordings ghent Amsterdam
label: Moving Furniture Records

The young Belgium sound artist Glenn Dick from Ghent is the person behind the ‘Find Hope In Darkness’ moniker. With the first section on his first album released on the physical format known as the Compact Disc it’s good coming by. The music brings out a very professional sounding side out of this artist, perfectly soothing all who wants to listen with music that functions a bit like soft plasters and kisses on possible wounds. It’s main content is drone ambient with magical sounding boundaries that would suit perfect dreams of exotic landmarks, humble places in a untouched forests, and sensual moments with hands covered in massage oil.

The music simply passes by like a pretty dream; a collection of warm colored clouds that fly over until they dissolve at the final end of it. When these cloud like music pieces move out of the way realms of sun light could be heard through the music. They expose themselves like religious moments of alleluia, bringing a wonderful touch of peace within the music that feels like floating on nothing but weightless air as being carried around by gigantic invisible hands through a grey land of reality and dreams.

The music becomes more dark in ‘last breath’, which clearly stirs the drowning sound exploration into the deeper realms of the underground, touching up an industrial landscape that is not inviting to hang out in. It’s a vast amount of drone that comes in and out like synthesized waves, that have few light strings to pass through. But by each exhale of new breath of drone, the mood becomes gradually less dark and more at ease. It’s as if pretty clouds are slowly replacing the darker ones, creating a umbrella of calmness which is quite a peaceful thing to accomplish as the final ending.

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