Venetian Snares – Traditional Synthesizer Music

Artist: Venetian Snares
title: Traditional Synthesizer Music
format: LP / CD / digital + T Shirt
keywords: electronic idm analog breakcore jungle modular synthesis Winnipeg
reviewer: a traditional music reviewer

If you have ears, you might be blessed to hear things. (Even though some people with ears, won’t hear a thing.) That last part makes me sad, as people who aren’t able to hear will miss out on so much good music. They will be happily protected from the likes of the bad and the ugly like Bieber, Beyoncé and Lana saying ‘hello’, but they will sadly miss out on the fortunate happy tunes captured on the latest album by music man Aaron Funk.

For them, and them only, I’ll try to write how the tunes on this album will feel. With this I hope that even though you might not be able to hear this fun release through your own hearing systems, you might still find some joy by reading about it.
If this is not doing it for you, I’m also sorry for that.

‘Dreamt Person v3‘is the work that feels like sitting in a merry go round, alone at night. Somehow this fun fair attraction is turning around with the lights on, and as the feeling of going around and around in the private merry go round kicks in an euphoric feeling of V.I.P. pleasantness erupts; the whole machine goes in hyper speed, turning in such circles that it makes you want to puke out bubble gum bubbles all over your own face.

How does it feel in general?
Like a fun fair ride; exciting, ticklish with the possibility of puking all over yourself.. Fun, really.


How does this make you feel?

Then ‘Everything About You Is Special’ is making me feel like an middle aged braindance man, licking my own ears with nostalgic saliva that Aaron Funk brings in a delicate emotional form. I don’t know how else I can possibly explain it to people with possible no working ears. It’s a nostalgic form of jumping in the electronic fields, no real candles but fake ones powered by batteries. It’s the traditional synthesizer music with traditional Aaron Funk spunk that gives me erections without the use of Viagra. It’s a wonder drug that makes people happy, slightly tearful and thankful for the good old days; yet staring bright into a clear future.

How does it make me feel?
Nostalgic, happy, horny and jolly. Play this, friends with no working ears, when people that you like (who do have working ears) come over; they might open themselves up, or perhaps do some unseen spastic dance moves of joy.

The next one is ‘Slightly Bent Fork Tong v2’, and it makes me feel excited. It has these sounds and flows of things that made me excited way back when exposed to Venetian Snares’s music… A thing that if you have indeed no ears, or they simply won’t work; can be difficult to explain. Personally it makes me remember the strange rush it gave, and now it comes back like an liquid slipping in the veins, enhancing the mind and soul. It’s a little short, like a small pleasant reminder that it’s never about the length, but more about the fatness of it all. I guess, this is still a little vague in how it feels.. Hmm..

It feels a bit like being among cool bunnies, wearing sunglasses at night, hopping over glasswork, tapping their own beers, doing backflips over a just mopped wet bar floor and run jumping over cutlery and silverware.

How does it feel?

What also makes me happy is that there is more to share with you. My dearest non hearing friends, the next tune ‘Magnificent Stumble v2‘ is one that even though you might not be able to actually hear for yourself; you really should try to ‘feel it’. It’s one that feels like love! Hectic love making, sweetness, cuddles and candy. Acid and holding hands, colorful rainbows, monkeys on drums and a fresh breath.

How does it feel?
Like love.


How does this feel?

‘Decembers’ is one that has that funky energy, something semi mysterious, but in a comical way. How to say it to you people without ears? Not working ears? It’s making me feel like an pet detective, searching around in a long coat, a strange hat, a possible pipe behind the ear and of course one eye peeking through a magnifier. Got to find that lost cat, for goodness sake!

How does it feel?
Exciting! (Who doesn’t want to feel like a pet detective once in a while?)

‘Can’t Vote For Yourself v1’ is coming across as a sportive tune, something that fits well with running up the walls, doing push-ups while hanging with vacuum suckers upside down the ceiling. Hyper speed boxing, jumping around in underwear, and at times also taking a break. You know, moment to bounce a bit, take something refreshing from the fridge, wipe away some sweat from the forehead and then jump on that sportive vibe again until your body collapses nicely on the floor.

But how does it make me feel?
Like sporty spice.

Well, friends, we have arrived at a tune named ‘You And Shayna v1’. It’s that time again to talk about feelings. This one is miraculously light, I mean the feeling that I’m feeling. It’s as if Aaron Funk has found a holy grail inside of himself and it was full of love, now spreading like bubbling hearts like a free waterfall through the sound vibrations. (You might not be able to hear, but those vibrations you must possibly be able to feel) it’s pretty!

How does it feel?
Loved & pretty.

It also makes me feel like I’m listening to a good album. Not sure, if people with no ears, or not working ones will understand this feeling; it’s good, though.

Next up in the ‘how does it feel’ music review in words instead of Braille we have a tune named ‘Goose And Gary v2’This is the feeling of happiness right here. It got all the things that makes people that can hear; happy.

‘Anxattack Boss Level19 v3’ is one step further, or perhaps a whole load of steps further. Exceeding the feeling of happy, invoking pleasure with energy, mellowness, strangeness and kindness. This is the music that makes me (as a listener) want to hop around in a purple bunny suit, pulling random people’s tongues out and going on strange adventures in back alleys in super market trolleys, space ships and euphoric smiles.

How does it feel?
Like an adventurous monkey?


so much feelings on Venetian Snares’s Traditional Synthesizer Music

‘She Married A Chess Computer In The End’ is like flexible rubber, bouncing mechanics, knocking doors, mice with extra ears (maybe you can borrow?) , elephants singing, running up and down the stairs, big belly slapping, dentist tools on acid…

How does it  feel?
Slightly insane.

Then it’s already time to cut the cake and write intensively about ‘Health Card10’. This is an interesting work, sounding like Venetian Snares has recorded good sounding farts, possible after eating lots of beans or an out of date lasagna. Even though this is conceptually the work of a traditional synthesizer, it really has that human analogue thing going on. It makes me hungry! Might want to order a burrito!

The last work on this album you probably are missing out on if you cannot hear, is ‘Paganism Ratchets’. It’s worth to even just pretend that you are able to hear it, it’s the kind of album that will make miracles happen. This track for example is one that is half a step on the ground and all the others high up in the sky. It’s as if having the heavy paws of an elephant, while the mind is being beamed and pulled up by possible low flying unidentified aliens. A struggle of gravity in which mind and feet are pulled like a rubber string, expanding the pleasure centers of the brain before the music walks off like a Dino with its shoulders moving up and down…

How does it make me feel?
Sad… Cause now the music is over.
I now hear silence like people who can’t hear, but will play the release again…
You can give it a try over here, or if you really can’t hear a thing; scroll back up and start reading this ‘thing’ again. But best is, to give it a try, put the volume real loud, stick your head in the speakers and feel the music vibrating… It tickles nicely! Magic!

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