Spa Moans – Slide Low/Dome

Artist: Spa Moans
title: Slide Low/Dome
format: cassette tape / digital
keywords: electronic experimental lo-fi Chicago

Slide Low begins with the sounds of exploration between plants, greens and weed bushes. These sounds begin to alter into electronic material and then (when the producer found what it was searching for) leaves the recording to make place for what most people call ‘music’. It’s music of an atmospheric kind, featuring a sharp clap and a soothing female voice over a mysterious backdrop of fine synthesizer material. If it had to be made into a video clip for the mind, I guess it would have lots of smoke machines, shot in some early night fall in some lonely forest with the person who sings wandering around the trees. Occasional showing some close up shots of night owls turning their heads…


the tape, looking good among some interesting rocks

‘Dome’ begins by introducing its finest percussion, quickly followed by a lonely synth playing easy going notes to float your head in. The songstress returns and sings a bit like a sleepy beauty who just returned from a new age conference. It’s pleasant in an sleep inducing way, so you might want to lay down and pretend you are spiritually at ease and one with the universe (and other things like that…) If you stay a bit longer listening your day away with this music, you’ll notice a nice shimmering beat and minimal pretty melody accentuation. Once you have passed the dream state the music begins to become vaguer and shine through, as if we can look through it… As if the music wasn’t actually a reality and just some kind of day dream that had popped over to share a nice a cup of smooth audio honey…

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