The First Baboon Civilization – The First Baboon Civilization

artist: The First Baboon Civilization
title: The First Baboon Civilization
keywords: melbourne world beautiful freejazz record tape weird Australia
label: Moontown Records

The First Baboon Civilization’s The First Baboon Civilization is kinda weird. But how could someone expect differently from The First Baboon Civilization? But next to weird, The First Baboon Civilization also sounds very interesting. A typical non-typical case of free-jazz for and by The First Baboon Civilization & we non civil baboons are invited to tune in and listen along; a huge privilege!

A privilege because once you (presuming you are not a civilized baboon) get used to the odd musical atmosphere, you will quickly notice how good this music actually is. Never before did free jazz sound as wild and exciting in a exotic way, and if it did; then it had been very well hidden. (Australia? where’s that? never heard of it…)

The music is as great as it is psychedelic insane. It’s a form of madness most delighted, very thrilling and culturally enhancing. Through diverse different tunes The First Baboon Civilization showcases a pleasantly weird world in which obviously civilized free jazz loving baboons are as a fish in the water & as a human we must admit that we sound somehow genetically connected.

The First Baboon Civilization plays in an outstanding extraordinaire way; they have the talent of rhythm, the outside of the box music capacities to bring weirdness that isn’t only weird, but is outrageously mathematical correct and bizarrely beautiful. The high originality is one that will give any free jazz lover an orgasm (or happy heart attack) , but in most cases; a happy big smirk of a smile.

The First Baboon Civilization is intelligent, enjoyable, and a swinging upbeat cool cat under the baboons. They might have been hiding out all these years in a country named Australia, but with music like this; they’ll probably have to move around and present themselves to the rest of the world; they sound ready to be heard in concert halls and festivals all over the globe. A cultural gift that makes jazz spicy and fun again! Not sure if they appreciate bananas as gifts from the audience, as they might even be happier with a bottle of fine wine & something mind altering to smoke. But whatever, The First Baboon Civilization is one civil force that is bringing back the fun in the dusty jazz environment, and that’s a blessing!

Human music admirers of The First Baboon Civilization’s sound might want to do plastic surgery to become more baboon-like in facial features, in the hope to join them in their natural civilized habitat.But remember it’s not how you look, it’s all about the civilized inside and manners. The First Baboon Civilization is one talented bunch of music makers, not afraid to go into the jazz zones that have never been played before, as well as not afraid of bringing back original happiness in pretty music form. The First Baboon Civilization’s The First Baboon Civilization has a very high replay value, which means it probably entertains for days, weeks, months and quite possibly; years! Check The First Baboon Civilization’s The First Baboon Civilization out at the following link:

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3 Responses to The First Baboon Civilization – The First Baboon Civilization

  1. Linda says:

    What a lovely hippy jazz (if I may call it that)! It blends perfectly with chaos at work, but in contrast, leaves me with a smile. Also, perfect to block out annoying know-it-better. Looking forward to a sunny afternoon, sipping some nice Australian wine in the living room or on the balcony.

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