Paz on Earth – Prelude to a Dream EP

artist:Paz on Earth
title:Prelude to a Dream EP
keywords: experimental electronic indie soundtrack space rock synth synthpop videogame weirdo music Florida
reviewer: Bello’s Berenhap

A little release of game friendly experimental music awaits your ears over here, one that is all about melody and sound. Developers listening to them will generate ideas for computer games, and others might dream away, or simply enjoy the music moments they will give.

It starts with a good combination of a super fuzzy electric sounding guitar and ultra sweet game music, together they bring in all the well needed ingredients to wish everyone a ‘Good Night’. Once the melodic togetherness has done its thing, the music nicely silences itself to make way for… More music!

This is not the music for sleeping, as this might not be the night for dreams but for a active party. The track responsible is H.H.A.R. (Happy Hardcore Alien Rock) and keeps the melodic parts high, but enthusiastically fills it up with gruesome fuzz, a killer of a locked groove and atmospheric artifacts on top. It’s like being inside a video game mixed with real life; tough, surreal and party hard!

To find a bit of happy peace on this release there is ‘Sweet Space’. A space that is sounding sweet in melodic bleeps & energetic with its spacious electric beats. Ice on Mars is even more sweet, and cozy. A bit like listening to a perfect romantic night sky with glittering stars and a smiling half moon. Its lovable and warm; and if it’s played on Mars, I’m sure that it will melt the ice…

An atmospheric poppy piece of game music is the one named ‘Viva la Muerte’. It has everything in control; sounding epic and catchy; a theme tune for a game you really would like to play just to be able to expose yourself to the good music.

A piece of peace, something that sounds safe and homely, can be heard while listening to ‘Welcome Home’. A melodic dreamy piece that makes me feel like being inside the tea house of a pixelated princess or prince for a warm togetherness.

With tears in my eyes and a dry mouth from emotion, the end of this release presents itself. This is ‘Goodbye’ and sounds like a resurrection of a pocket calculator out of the Kraftwerk studio singing on top of an emotional repetitive loop with a kicking kick. It’s pretty and makes me think of robots with feelings… They exist!

This release exists too, and proof is available at the following link:

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