Gumbel – Pocket Carnivalé EP

artist: Gumbel
title: Pocket Carnivalé EP
keywords: experimental idm electrofunk electronica glitch soundtrack Spain

Welcome To This Pocket Carnival, a place owned and constructed by top notch super producer Gumbel, for all your enjoyment and happy funky entertaining purposes. A place that never lost its charm! With a grand entrance of rolling beats, wicked wickedness and happy feel good vibes you (and everyone you’ll know) is grated a warm welcome! Confetti is thrown, exciting voices shout excitingly while an audience of appreciators roll out their red carpet for your ears to roll over! Welcome, welcome! This is Pocket Carnival!

This is the place to be for pure elevating funkiness, meet ‘Elefunks’ and its funky drums providing these pleasant upbeat energetic flows that are all groovy and sexually attractive! Hear the warm grandiose horn sections that have a serious effect on the local show of elephants! They gladly blow their trunks, while little mice play piano in their finest suits! This is Pocket Carnival!

This is Pocket Carnival, the one and only pocket carnival in which the pleasure is free, and so is the Magical Popcorn Moog! Just come on over, stick your hand in and fill up your mind with a pleasant melody of happiness. Chop the magical popcorn in your ears and hear the soothing flows of fat bass making love to the ultimate higher feelings of love. (how freaking lovely!) Let the freedom erupt and give you pure pleasure! Gumbel is here to give you heaven, throwing in the most courageously pleasant beats when you don’t expect them at all to turn up; giving happy vibes out as if it is free (Which it is!) Everything is good, an magical fun time! This is Pocket Carnival at its best!

Bring the whole family, the pets, the elderly, the youngsters and even your frenemies and neighbors! At the Pocket Carnival everyone is happy and equal. Come on over, hold hands and watch the parade! Cheer and dance when the Hurdy Gurdy’s Marching Band marches along the streets decorated with sweet lights! Hear the folk-vibe and the counter culture, watch the miracles of a mouth flutist, and be hyped up by the bombastic bombardment of excellent Pocket Carnival vibes!

You wont believe your eyes and ears! even AphexTobinStein has been dragged up onto one of the fancy decorative cars! See the long haired creature bouncing over a magical music box, watch the classical trained crazy monkeys dancing in their rubber latex costumes! Hear the fireman brigade sliding up and down the poles of awesomeness. Oh my gosh, the Pocket Carnival really seems to rock any bodies socks and panties like no other Pocket Carnival had done before!

There is even a classy moment in which we celebrate ‘All The Happy Sundays’ in the entire world! A sentimental blow of happiness, cute animal costumes with acrobats inside of them actively filling up the tunes with expressive acrobatic acts of melody and energetic prettiness. They bring quality entertainment, comfort and free candy for all who wants in pure music form! Chinese dancers turn up to do trapeze acts and ballet boys and girls are twirling around on bell like twinkles! This is Gumbel’s Pocket Carnival! A place for all ages, coming together to enjoy culture and pretty music!

The Pocket Carnival wouldn’t be the complete without Gumbel’s funky classy hit ‘Leanfaidh Sé Ar Aghaidh’, a tune that puts daft punk and pharrel out of business as this is the original! This is the anthem not only for the Pocket Carnival’s theme of funky happiness; this is one for life! Funky guitars, rolling beats, baselines and all-round unforgettable good Gumbel vibes! You are troubled, stuck at your job, dealing with nonsense? Escape to The Pocket Carnival and join the festivities!It might be a classic one from back in the days, it’s still as relevant as a fun cure now, as it was then! Hop in:

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