Theo Nugraha x Noise Arcade

artists: Theo Nugraha x Noise Arcade
title: Theo Nugraha x Noise Arcade
keywords: diy devotional indonesia leap year ambient evil experiemental harsh noise idm noise tape Beijing
label: Nasty Wizard Recordings

Noise Arcade is probably having difficulties in getting replies. Not sure what kind of reply they expect, but if it’s a reply from people who listen to the music of Noise Arcade it might have to do to the fact that they cannot reply any longer. The music had stunned and overwhelmed them, turning then in non communicating dancing space people, who can do nothing than wiggling their arms and legs on the flows of the music productions.

Someone should film it, and send the recording over to Noise Arcade just so they will get a better picture of why getting a reply is so tremendously difficult. Me too, as a person who came here to write about their latest split, I have great difficulties to use my hands, fingers and head to get words on the screen. I’m just too busy moving around, wiggling my arms like a bird who feels on top of the world.

There is only one factor to blame and that is the music of Noise Arcade, it gives a nice beating in the electric groove department, perfectly stimulating these body movements, making me fly away on top of gorgeous city skylines and blue air. Flying away like this with music comes with the realization that you don’t know what’s coming next.. What is the destination of the flight, what direction is the music taking us? How long will it take for the body to respond again to every day functions like writing a reply (or a review?)…

Personally it took me as long as that the music played; i simply couldn’t do anything else then flapping my imaginary wings, running around in the positive dream world that this active music had been setting through its audio waves. The brain went from actively busy, to a non working organ that only saw bliss and perfection; making the arms, legs and other body movements basically go on their automatic pilot; letting the music of Noise Arcade taking over and do its puppeteering.

Than it’s the highest time to let the music of ‘Theo Nugraha’ in. His ‘Sehelai Benang’ is of a complete different order, hissing its way in like a hyperventilating waterfall, soon mangled to become a sharp alien snake chicken who fanatically sprays it’s exclusive poisonous noises out like it has no other way to go! The sound gets more fierce, like the hot burning flames of a fire burning away all references of the genre names ‘music’. It’s turning into a harsh noise escapade spewing itself out in the ears, making brains melt and survival close to impossible.

This is only the beginning as Theo makes it even louder, wilder, weirder! Like a forced injection of a few miles long being injected in the inside of the skull; alienating screeching noises that will take no ‘no’ for an answer! The sound flushes itself through like a electric whirlwind, taking away the sounds of birds, hope and peace & replacing it all with fanatic madness that is in all honesty ; pretty much merciless.

If you don’t have enough vivid imagination you can think of a sadistic dentist putting Hoover tubes in your mouth, sucking you dryer then a possible desert, perhaps even doing it so well that the whole tongue disappears into the sucking pipe! No more french kissing and ice cream licking; but it’s a small sacrifice for such a wild ride for the ears!

The work by Theo is coming across destructive, violent and wild.. While Noise Arcade is the polar opposite, making you feel like a flying bird in a dreamy pleasantness. It’s a strange combination for a split, but as two stones of the same thing might be considered ‘boring’, this split certainly isn’t! Hear it

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