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Undecisive God – A Vinyl Construction

Artist: Undecisive God title: A Vinyl Construction keywords: experimental, turntablism, noise , Melbourne label: Shame File Music Made with broken records turning around on record players and once released on vinyl itself, is this spurious sounding release by this Undecisive … Continue reading

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Vziel Projet – Cancer Paradigm

artist: Vziel Projet title: Cancer Paradigm keywords: abstract, chiptune label: Genetic Trance Experimental music is something to jump up and down for, and sometimes with the right track you’ll be able to do just that in a specific time and … Continue reading

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M↯Z – Heavenly Journey

Artist: M↯Z title: Heavenly Journey cat: N000002 keywords: abstract, ambient, single label: Merzlabel If you are perhaps a single who is clear, tall, to the point, loud and in search for another single to team up with, it might … Continue reading

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The Little Xs – Teacher Gave Me

Artist: The Little Xs title: Teacher Gave Me keywords: experimental pong disjointed elephants food idgaf love pong rushed six weird Point Cook The sweet sweetness of a sexy sax, a big eighties kick and a middle finger in the shape … Continue reading

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Gordoa/McNab/Myburgh – Passive Transport

Artists: Gordoa/McNab/Myburgh title: Passive Transport format: CD / Digital keywords: experimental, improvisation,Melbourne label: Shame File Music Spike Train is coming across like a mesmerizing trip that slowly but surely takes the listener to a different zone. It starts easy, pleasantly … Continue reading

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Marvin Ferguson – Shudder To Think

Artist: Marvin Ferguson title: Shudder To Think keywords: experimental new wave punk audio collage California Marvin Ferguson whips it all up by getting his Cool Whip out. He produced the nicest slaps for an upbeat joy of upbeat coolness. Mind … Continue reading

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Chlorine – Souvenir Helms

artist: Chlorine title: Souvenir Helms keywords: experimental aa nights chlorine found sounds rewire scapes smikkelbaard souvenirs sunderland Leiden label: Smikkelbaard Chlorine’s collection of music pieces that didn’t fit anywhere else is one of the finer collections of music on … Continue reading

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