Eisenlager – Susanne Klickerklacker

Artist: Eisenlager
title: Susanne Klickerklacker
keywords: experimental, eisenlager, industrial, abstract, field recordings, avant-garde, experimental music, ambient, musique concrète, noise, harsh noise, tape music, minimalism, acousmatic music, sound sculpture, psychedelic, soundscape, sound art, spoken art, dark ambient, cinematic, norbert kutz,
label: Hortus Conclusus Records https://archive.org/details/hortusconclususrecords

This release starts with sounds, a backdrop of humans doing things. Slowly this turns into a sinkhole that will take each listener (who is willing enough to go for it) into a deeper and darker dimension. They will pass through the floor, travel over troubled water under the surface, dream away with child friendly sleeping music into a mind washing state.

Here a happy celebration of muffled groove from a faraway lo-fi culture rolls in, greets its fresh listeners in their skirts made out of grain, pointing their spears in the air to welcome everyone in their village deep within nature. Once they checked everyone out, they will put good use of their warrior drums and play out the finest happy ritual music performance among the ancestral world.

Than the lucky adventurous listeners are invited to go on a little explorative journey… The music is their guide, highlighting mystery and places of wisdom in the natural electronic habitat. At open places we meet culture items, lost piano players of long forgotten times, frogs playing hide and seek and slow ridden beats with whispering artifacts.

Then they reach a wooden house, some of the listeners bang hard on the locked door, some female visitors yell excitingly, and someone plays a broken electric guitar. It’s a good time, trying to bash someone’s door in. The home owners are not there, but that doesn’t mean the crazy listeners attending this release are not having a fabulous time; some jump in a swimming pool. Others hijack a speed boat and yet other ones nick a parked race-car… Are they mad? Might be! But they for sure know how to party and make the best out of a situation.

Now the left over sensible listener is all alone again, and has to continue the long journey that is seen ahead. Luckily the music gives a nice push in the back, it provides the strong melody and muddy grooves that automatically functions as indestructible boots that will help to travel through all kinds of terrains.

A nice bit of relaxing times is also included, perhaps seated on a piece of rock the listener gets a private show of an electric performing butterfly. It is flying upside down, vertical and horizontally; close to the listeners face and far away; in slow motion and in hyper speed. A state of the art air performance of the century!

Amazingly the listener gets treated another one, a bonus show in which the butterfly keeps its entertaining wings flapping around the consumers ears. Life is good with bonus moments like this.

From the spectacular butterfly performance it might be that the listener gets a tiny bit sleepy. Luckily the music arranged a warm pleasantness for those who need a bit of a nice nap. Pretty comfort, soft ground to lay on and sweetly played sounds ready for listeners’ snores.

Then it’s for these listeners the hardest time to wake up as electronic messages are being received, breaking the sleepy moment with a warning. Its best not to ignore the hidden screams of panic and electric buzz, because goth knows what is out there hunting for these fresh listeners. Let’s hope the listeners get the message and start to run in the right direction! Don’t hope they go near the water as another incoming message informs that some killer fish might be splashing around.

The survival of the listener is totally in the hands of the music and the listening listener self. Music wise the listener has nothing to worry about; it provides a gigantic mud monster to sit on and pretty positive melodic surroundings that seem to move them to a nice looking sunset on a big rolling beat.

Than at the final end, the lucky listeners will get rewarded with an amazing and impressive sight. The music screeches around like an outer worldly view with an pretty beautiful touch that is atmospheric, photogenic and touching. It’s as if they are invited to stand on the top of the world, the highest hill in a Grand Canyon and oversee a most amazing skyline! Simply outrageously beautiful!

Are you one of these listening listeners, brave enough to go for this audio journey? Join the others for free, at the following link:

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