body bender – (re​)​arrangements

a2392209359_16artist: body bender
title: (re​)​arrangements
keywords: experimental ambient drone post-noise post-rock Berlin

Body Bender might be flexible body wise, but music wise it has more a way of plugging into someone’s brain and bend it into psychedelic corners. These kind of audio tracks might make you think you are out of your mind, yet, it isn’t like that; it’s Body Bender being inside of your mind. Don’t think gymnastics, yoga or new age kind of material when Body Bender is there, but more explorations that test out your own flexibility. Are you handy and bendy enough to be folded to pass through the tiny rabbit hole to challenge your slight sanity?

‘argument in modern politics’ comes across as repetitive arguments between dark humming monks on top of exploding firework rockets. It’s a bit like ground hog day, reliving the repeating action of the arguing humming monks that are traveling until they explode midair on these fireworks.. But unlike ground hog day, this day action evolves, a massive bass becomes a turbulent headliner and the humming monks and explosions successfully transform into a big howling one that doesn’t seem to explode, but just travels on, covering landscapes with gigantic shadows, colliding with the power of unrooting trees from the ground… The music then twists around… slowly opening a portal of strange calmness; something that whispers strangely in the ears like a vampire who loves to eat meals with lots of garlic. Does this make sense? Only when you listen to the music and have stepped into the realms of an open minded head tripper… Are you bendy enough?

medicine until you die’ starts with the feeling of attending your own funeral. The clock tower slams its bells in the background and you can hear your own knuckles knocking on the inside of the wooden coffin. You got some good rhythmic skills, almost too good to be lowered under the ground; perhaps that’s why nervous fingernails are working hard to attempt to scratch a way out of the box. For a declared dead person you really seem to have great feelings for groove, and it won’t be long until an actual drummer picks up the vibe and turns the whole coffin session in one of a particular lucid order. A private coffin concert of bass, rhythm and groove!

With ‘golden haze’ this vibe of drumming in your own coffin gets nicely interrupted by providing a fat base kick from the upper worlds. A bird functions as a high-hat, and a clap functions as a clap. (That’s what claps are for!) Then Body Bender’s synthesizers kick in for an elevating moment of heaviness. When it gets close to the zones of being too melodic, it quickly moves out of the picture to return to the basic kicks that fulfill the mysterious sounding mood. Can’t get too bendy!

Personally I’m well down with ‘well down’, a great wet and dry combination of (might be?) hand played rhythm, coming across like an electrifying slow crawler on little domestic shoes. The more this newly invented creature crawl-walks through the track, the more euphoric it becomes, spreading a wide slime trail of dark synthesis into the ears, leaving a vibe of something powerful and yet undisturbed disturbed.

Than its time for ‘cake’ a Body Bender music piece that made me think of a fruit cake presented nicely on a well inviting table, but every time you want to stick your hand out to grab a piece; some mysterious metallic god-like glove comes down from nowhere to slap your own guilty hand away. Apparently this cake is not only well baked, but also pretty well protected! Lucky listening to it in music form is enough to fill you up with possible ideas of how good it will taste like…

As you might have noticed, your reviewer might have become insane, but thanks to Body Bender there is help of a ‘very effective therapist’. The therapist uses old school tools to crawl open the troubled places underneath the effective skull, insert some fresh sounding sea winds and removes the troubles and memories of long forgotten times. The therapist might be very effective, I still feel very much insane after the treatment.

fathers = social invention’ is not just a statement that might get your brain buzzing while trying to analyze what this means, it is also the track title of one of the tracks on this album. It keeps it humble, deep, like a dark patch of strange bending wind whooping around the leaky holes of the corridors of the mind. It tumbles a bit like the clothes in a dryer, and the sampled relative voice gives that fatherly / child vibe that the title somehow had promised to give.

The album moves over for a visit to ‘guilt groups’, a nice togetherness of humble breathing drones, inhaling and exhaling group and peer pressure for positive mind alternating results. Personally the session made me calm, like a pretty flower who loves it if a happy zooming bumble bee passes by and sticks his whole body into my nectar. This is so relaxing, so minimal, so body bender; so little to complain about in such guilt groups sessions. The more you stay, the nicer the relief gets!

Finally there is ‘silence’, of course this is no silence, as otherwise the music might be too silent to be called music. I see ‘silent’ more as a complimented silence modifier, perfectly playable for when you are actually listening in a silent atmosphere. It will add a gradual sound and music piece that feels rhythmic, shimmering and smoothly active. It even has something militant, as if silent warriors’ parade in with silent weapons on silent toe slippers to fight silent wars for silent ears. It sounds like they are winning!
Get your mind rearranged by Body Bender by hearing the material at the link over here:

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