Amit Buium – Void

artist:  Amit Buium
title: Void
keywords: alternative electronic alternative dance alternative pop alternative rock ambient ambient pop darkwave dream pop ethereal wave indie rock indietronica new wave post-rock synthpop Israel

Amit Buium is a (at the time of writing) 17 years old female musician from Israel. And ‘Void’ is her very first debut album. She has a whole list of bands that have influenced her, but hearing her music it seems that void on itself might be her biggest inspiration over here. But don’t worry that this is one of these albums with tracks containing no sound(or almost non-content) as it couldn’t be further away from the truth; Amit Buium ‘s void is an album of generous wonders of music, that will compliment the void by filling it up in the nicest way that is possible.

Might her ‘Void’ inspire others? according to my professional listening ears it actually might be the case! This title track is as warm and kind as a blow of pure kindness and soulful friendship. It’s brought in a original way, a mix in which an organ-like heavenly melody shines like an religious act of pure love, on a an unforgiving beat that resembles nights at the local rave while high on many XTC pills. That chemical romance of the love drug is pretty much the essence here, and Amit Buium’s ‘Void’ seems to successfully extract this happy and loving feeling in euphoric bliss in melodic transmission. She even sings on the track, making this music gift even more personal!

Then the artist delivers another pretty sounding listening piece with her personal fingerprints all over it. It’s called ‘ Landscapes’ and with passion in her voice she perfectly blends herself in an experimental pop rock dreamland in which everything is as wondrous, kind, with slight musical hints that maybe not all is how it seems… But on the surface view it’s a pretty mix and match of twinkling stars, dreamy guitars and hum-worthy moments.

Then there is Homesickness, a track that sounds intensive, a bit alienating as if Amit Buium is not just far away from home by residing in another country, but perhaps actually being somewhere in alien space; no wonder that the homesickness kicks in so beautifully! The music rolls out fat sentimental beats, void-ish mellowness that gives enough space to make one wonder about how there is no place like home… With synthetic mellow mellowness the artist gives happy thoughts of longing and togetherness a warm spin by singing like a happy large family, like this she summons the feeling of ones connection to their roots and home as a indestructible one.

Next track on the album is one named ‘Rain’, it kindly seems to evolve around a nicely played drum that rolls without any pressure. On a intoxicating flow of synthesizer work Amit Buium sings with or without effects, creating a spacious organic work that seems to lift us from the ground, giving away the power of weightlessness no matter how heavy of light you are. The artist presents the music here as an act of kindness, sweetly played scenes that somehow seems to play tribute to the wonder that are the clouds in the sky & now that I think of it; it is indeed a miracle! How can they float in midair together, fall down like rain to wash down the dirt and sorrow & feed the earth with precious nutrition?
Amit Buium seems to plug in into these ideas of wonder and gives the music an miraculous orchestral touch that feels like a flow of undiscovered discovery of something simple and yet we never took time to appreciate it. Amit Buium ‘s rain seems to do it justice, giving music back to the act of nature & we (as a part of it) are happily invited to join in…

Sooner or later there had to be a track titled named ‘Soon’, and indeed it just appeared on Amit Buium ‘s debut album. It’s a nice intimidating form of music, seducing with pure warmth and dedication. The void at the grand end is being tickled by micro space sounds mixed with teaspoons of nostalgia. Difficult to explain, but the more reason you’d hear it all for yourself.

Amit Buium ‘s ‘Cheated’ comes across as the final highlight, the catchy end that will make sure you will never forget about this young artist and her music. Her intoxicating electronic pop rock of emotion and kindness gets a real positive elevating vibe over here, lifting up with a creative combo of honest singing, melody, and the beats that everyone had fallen in love with since the eighties! Superb music to say the least! Take the recommended listen over at the following link:

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1 Response to Amit Buium – Void

  1. Linda says:

    I don’t know if mentioning the age would have to matter. Like, you might get prejudged. Start making comparisons to other young female artists with dark brown curly hair, coming from New Zealand, that have musically wise nothing in common except for the hair and the age. And for having talent. If that’s what it is. I think so.

    When I was about that age, I’ve spend a blue Monday (, well we Dutch use that expression for a very brief encounter with smthing) on a music school. Aside the lessons, I also participated in a little ensemble lead by a bass guitar teacher who happily forced us to play his own crappy boring compositions (the only one having a cool part was the bassist) and even crappier covers. “Time after time” of Cindy Lauper and “The final countdown” of Europe. We’re talking the ’90s here and I was totally digging Nirvana, The Police and anything that expressed a lot of anger, energy and energy and anger. And I played the drums in this boring ensemble with German flute and ukelele. Nothing wrong with these instruments, but I was just totally not in the ensemble I had to be. Never have heard a more sped up version of ‘Time after time’ either 🙂 Ok, well, I had no talent and I thought it was just my curse.

    Bringing all that up because I think it might be amusing to read. I see this as the total opposite of Amit’s life, yet having similarities too. Somekind of my way saying “I feel you” and “wow, I wish I had been as cool as you do, but I just failed”. And perhaps it’ll rid me of the traumatic feelings. I am still not a team player or good at group communications and dynamics.

    Oh cool, I only talk about me and how I just wanted to say that I am very impressed with Amit Buium’s solo release and the happy folks she’s in a band with. Some things never change :-/ ( Got in some kind of nostalgic trip after hearing the Radiohead cover of the band project….

    blablabla, wank god it’s nearly weekend. Gifgrond is turning 50!!! Going to bake cake, all come along!

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