Cordyceps – Fragmented Structures EP

artist: Cordyceps
title:  Fragmented Structures EP
keywords: experimental breakbeat breakcore diy electronic experimental glitch hardcore idm mathrock punk Gent
reviewer: Gerard Gymnast

Tomorrow it is time for the 50th edition of the legendary Gifgrond party. A party so toxic and fun, that it’s reputation itself has made people drunk. To take a quick peek in one of tomorrow’s headlining headliners I thought it would be a great idea to dip in the debut EP of Belgium super duo ‘Cordyceps’. This duo’s reputation might not have intoxicated anyone just by name recognition, but does have established a firm fan-base. Sport schools, tennis venues, boats that had turned into venues, peoples basements and headphones worn by nice people are just a tip of the iceberg of places and things that their music is regularly heard in & through. And today the music plays in the local YIKIS gym; a perfect place to hear everything & feel the vibe… Let me quickly report to you:

With hyper active rolling programmed beats of speedy pleasure ‘Monopoly On Violence’ has the right perfect rhythm session to host the playful funky mathematical tunes that Cordyceps has provided. To give it the extra nice human spin, they also provided nicely fitting vocal samples, neatly twirling on a fine fatness in the shape of a bass. For a ‘Monopoly On Violence’ it feels a bit like a effective game of speed chess, it’s a good game; well played! In the YIKIS gym the beats resonated nicely in between the rubber walls.

Than the Belgium duo of hyper grooves and funky melodies bring in ‘Cogs In The Machine’, a well sounding spinning tune that makes me feel like running up the windmill, standing on top, and do a stomping wooden shoe dance for everyone to see and be worried about! (An accident might happen!). In reality, in the YIKIS gym I’m monkeying around on the racks, it’s pretty much great material for active fun.. But the music goes for a 180 degree turnaround, bringing a more relaxed mood that will make all active wooden shoe wearing windmill runners to stop what they have been doing; and chill out… Even me as a hobbyist gymnast in the YIKIS gym started to suck on my thumb and sat down on a bouncy mat to listen and enjoy the music.

Time to splash some fresh water in the face as the pretty zones of rhythm and melody are popping in like an energy drink reaching the energy status. The music named ‘Exclusion Of Subversive Thoughts’ comes more in the glitchy corners. It’s pretty energetic , providing an excellent groove and funk vibe that makes everything feel effectively active and positive. For some reason this adrenaline kind of music makes me want to hear this while jumping on a trampoline; just to hear some parts of this music while being off the ground and up-side down. There is no trampoline in the YIKIS gym, but the music is enough to open up the yellow book and find the first possible trampoline dealer in order to order one.

The last track that plays through the YIKIS gym is named ‘Key Agitator Index’, this is the one that brings rattling beats together with a realm of calm brainy music. It’s not impossible to hear obvious influences from electronica giants within the music, but this all flips around and becomes more wild and rocky. It’s a nice surprise to have such a twist within the music, making you feel like a-know-it-all; and then erasing your knowledge by overwriting it by bringing unexpectedness. Unexpectedness that comes as a style of Cordyceps one.

With this the listening session of the debut EP of this groovy and funky duo comes to an end. In the YIKIS gym it sounded great and active, and I’m dying to hear how Cordyceps will do it live in a more intimate intoxicated party session. Might bring some sport shoes, or wooden clogs, a bouncing ball or indeed a trampoline as for sure it will be a sportive interactive celebration!

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2 Responses to Cordyceps – Fragmented Structures EP

  1. Linda says:

    Yes, it’s going to be dance, jump and amaze! And party party! Hope you’ll be there too ❤ (looking forward to Cordyceps too!)

    • Linda says:

      Live, they were supersonic!! As was Gifgrond edition #50! The cake was good, as was the other food, poisenous fluids, Lucia Lip and the tunes to dance on. DMDN really crashed the place, it was fabtastic!

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