Cosmic Lemons – Lift Off

artist: Cosmic Lemons
title: Lift Off
keywords: funk youngstown oh cosmic dance dirty fun horns jam jazz fusion lemons party reggae space Youngstown

Cosmic Lemons will cover your body like a space costume, insert a fat bass in your ass and make the whole thing wiggle like a fresh pudding. Horny horns are trumpeting through sensitive lips and in convoy with funky bight played beats, & ultra funkiness they will shoot you and your feelings into the air like a cosmonaut! Your rocket of choice is the music fueled by nothing else than these fine Cosmic Lemons.

There is no need to pack any bags, Cosmic Lemons will take care of everything! Soon in the swinging air they will serve you the best Galactic Smack, even taking the height of the travel a few funky miles further up the sky!

The pleasantly good music vibes will bring you the entertaining Allegheny Space Cowboy. This encounter with alien cowboy life is one that made the Seinfeld bass lines seem like a joke, especially when you realize how the bass and horn seem to be in a total harmony of friendship. This is no joke this is love!

Another sweet treat is ‘Why So Shy?’ One that touches upon a reggae vibe & even include the kindest make vocals ever to be recorded on such a tune. It’s music that will make people not only ‘lift off’ but generally speaking; also pretty happy! With the Cosmic Lemons doing their thing, there is nothing to complain or worry about!

Even the ‘Black Hole Rendezvous’ is one hell of a joyful rendezvous, something that strangely made me think of that pleasant euphoric moment of dancing around naked with knowledge that black holes might exchange sexual pleasures with extraterrestrial happiness!

The last magical time of music is the mind fulfilling ‘Extraterrestrial Munchies’, it somehow feels like this deserve the consummation of a spliff on before hand; but even without this is pretty much easily enjoyable in all it’s superb swinging midnight fever smoothness. Everything is perfect, sexy even! They even throw in some hotly tight sounding vocals! Who cares about NASA; Lets lift off the ground with Cosmic Lemons!

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