Wouter Jaspers – Conglomoraat / Erosie

artist: Wouter Jaspers
title: Conglomoraat / Erosie
keywords: experimental drones field recordings microsound noise soundscapes Tilburg
reviewer: Wilma Johnson

Let’s travel back to the good old times, think 2008, the year of nicely brewed wine and pretty music done by Wouter Jaspers. It’s perhaps only one side of a story, as it was released as part of a split with Jon Eriksen; but hey, some sides just deserve a little more attention then the others. So with fondness in my eyes i feel it’s great to rehear his work ‘Conglomoraat’ and even more to share it with a new generation who might not have heard the prettiness when it had came out and about.

Think of it as the captured essence of beauty, something of a sound level that has no bad skin, no holes, pimples or disturbed fractions; this music is like a baby’s butt with lots of powder. It’s so soft, smooth, warm and pretty that it seemingly creates every kind of situation into a safe heaven. With music like this playing through the ears, nothing bad can happen, porcelain skin won’t break & all is good.

Wouter Jaspers also brought in a nice shimmering track named ‘Erosie’, this is in contrast to ‘Conglomoraat’ a more shy sounding work. It kindly brews it’s way like a polite breathing calmness, gently and respectfully bending its neck with a bow as it passes by. It does this in a rhythmic way, something that is easy to follow with your own heartbeat and inhale and exhale lung capabilities. The music is pretty, a bit in the distance , yet close like a nice friend…

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