СТРУП – Я симулирую радость

Artist: СТРУП
title: Я симулирую радость
cat: FNR133
format: 3’5 floppy diskette limited to 20 copies.
keywords: Philosophical Avantgarde Antisocial/Antihuman Drone Dark Ambient with
some Noise elements from Belarus.
label: Floppy Noise Records https://www.facebook.com/FloppyNoiseRecords/?fref=ts
reviewer: Fred Oppy

Like a hammering hammer enthusiast hammering a extra hole in your head with the speed of lightning, that’s a bit how the fanatic sounding drums on this valuable floppy diskette release come across. There is no way your head finds time to move, duck and cover as the hammering is quick and efficient. It bangs so hard that an sensible headache is as good as impossible; the hammering drumming drums are simply so efficiently hard that it simply knocks away the ability to register any pain.

Luckily the violent drums are keeping the ears intact, leaving the ability to hear the other things pretty much open for anything conserved within the music. Don’t think of it as a jar of musical fruity confiture, but do think of a minimal hellish elixir that has all the few necessary items to bang your head into a manic state of mayhem. A powerful mix that spices up any suffocating day or night, and replacing it with something that will get your heartbeat in rush mode.

Yes, you will encounter maddening heavy guitars screwing your head through the newly hammered hole, but it’s most of all this fanatic voice of violence that cracks the skull like a coconut that had fallen onto the concrete. It’s very fierce, giving a buzz and a rush & even though the nasty vibe, it is pretty much energetic material that you would love to torture your own ears with. So for who is this release made you might wonder? I guess it’s for people who enjoy a kick, something to get an instant buzz, a boost and a shock at the same time.
Get your floppy over here:

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