Oddly Oaktree – Meet On The Way

artist: Oddly Oaktree
title: Meet On The Way
keywords: psychedelic, experimental, electronic, pop, visual, trippy, video

Well hello there, hope you are nicely recovering from whatever you had been digesting on the regular party night. Even if you stayed at home and didn’t touched upon some intoxicating cookies and delicious hallucinating spices, you might be pleasantly surprised to find out that it was in the air and not so much in the eat and drink materials. Oh yes, the air that you are inhaling now has been scientifically altered to give you that pleasant feeling of psychoactive tripping. Smells like a fresh Oddly Oaktree, right?

Don’t worry at all, it’s perfectly harmless! Although you might see and hear things you normally would not; hope this doesn’t bother or disturb you much. I know you can take it! After all you browsed all the way to ‘Yeah I Know It Sucks’, which already is an act only amazing beings like yourself could do!

Don’t worry friends, this feeling of lightweight in the head and being spacious out of touch with reality will disappear gradually. But for now it’s best to sit back and relax, enjoying the colors, the super power skills to see the auras of objects and see through walls and floors. The power of hearing things you normally shouldn’t hear, and seeing things that will make you think things like ‘nothing seems what it seems to be’ and other mind expanding thoughts. It is all part of the Oddly Oaktree experience & trust me it will be an experience!

It’s not the time to go out for your average daily activities, to buy groceries, work or visit family; it’s time to cuddle up to the screen and put on the speakers at its loudest volume. It’s time to spend time with nobody less than the amazing Oddly Oaktree! Inhale some more of that intoxicating lucid vapor hidden in the oxygen and hit that play button at the following video. Don’t worry you won’t be alone; we will meet somewhere alone the way! And besides it’s the perfect entertainment for this very moment, so don’t worry about a thing and watch and hear the good vibes & feel free to pick up the goodness, and move freely at home to these fine psychedelic sounds. Can you feel the love flying from the screen into your acid laced brain? Embrace it and enjoy as long as it last! It’s a good feeling for sure…

For more intoxicating pleasant music and visuals, please do visit Oddly Oaktree on the internet:
Oddly Oaktree on Twitter: https://twitter.com/oddlyoaktree
Oddly Oaktree on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OddlyOaktree/
Oddly Oaktree on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ2hqfM1FXDJCytvz1ijPbQ

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