Zhang Si’an (Djang San 张思安) – Folk songs noone will listen to.

Artist: Zhang Si’an (Djang San 张思安)
Title: Folk songs noone will listen to.
keywords: alternative electronic folk rock world zhongruan 北京市
artist website: http://www.zhangsian.com/

When my eyes noticed an album titled ‘Folk songs noone will listen to’ I had to listen to it with the good hope that if i shared it here, others will follow to proof the album title wrong. It would surely be a shame if nobody else would listen to these sentimentally lovely sounding folk songs.

I was expecting folk songs sung in the Chinese language, but even though made in China, this was not the case. In fact the songs are sung in crystal clear English with pretty sounding voluminous & sensitive vocals. It’s a cozy feeling that the singer’s voice gives, something that sounds like someone you could trust, a story teller who has a heart.

The music guidance for these well-spoken and poetic wordings are coming from the emotional strings of a warm guitar. The guitar and voice relationship is intimate, played in a tempo that is like a flow that goes up and down, but always relaxed and calm. The folk songs have a diversity in content, being performed as easy listenable stories to relax and be slightly dazzled by.

Personal favorite must be the song in which the artist begs for a monster to be left alone. He offers him anything in the world just to get that monster of his back. It sounds a bit bizarre on paper, but the actual song makes it come across like it’s the most normal, everyday happening in the world; sung and played so calmly as if the sight of a stalking monster wouldn’t even raise an eye brow! Pretty lovely work if you’d ask me.. But please don’t ask me, but ask yourself by tuning into these songs as if nobody had ever heard them before! It makes you feel a bit like putting your footprints in fresh fallen snow, or like the first person walking on the moon. These songs are well worth a pretty listen!

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2 Responses to Zhang Si’an (Djang San 张思安) – Folk songs noone will listen to.

  1. Noone says:

    Same here, I expected Chinese influences too :-/ No offence to the artist, as the song themselves are perfect folk songs that are suitable for non-Noone’s ears too. But some Chinese instruments of Chinese style composing would have made this album stand out more.

  2. Djang San says:

    Hi Noone, you can check my other albums for that, they are available here djangsan.bandcamp.com

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