Harry Merry – Savage Go-Go Deniz

Artist: Harry Merry
title: Savage Go-Go Deniz
keywords: alternative rotterdam ecclectic electronic experimental The Netherlands
artist website: http://www.harrymerry.com/

label: Blowpipe http://www.blowpipe.org

Rock & roller Harry Merry’s excellent songwriting skills come once more to light in its effectively catchy Savage Go-Go Deniz. It’s one of the songs from an upcoming EP that will be out this month on Blowpipe Records that gets pleasantly decorated with its very own moving visuals. The music video done with the help of the visual skills of Marianne van Maaren is a joy for the eye; making viewers feel as if they are in a pleasant happy Harry Merry go-round & this gets even more underlined by actually including Harry Merry going around.

This movement however will not affect the song in its colorful production, a style that pretty much is owned by the sailor-costumed artist & should be mind boggling for some music academics in how well it is written and produced, while completely having a style of his own. Within the song Harry brings in the words that will turn people’s interests in dictionaries up once again. But it’s mostly the unique combo of words, music progression and pronunciation that sets Harry Merry’s work apart; he delivers a mathematical correct music format that is fun, smart and pretty trippy in a colorful alternative poppy way.

The visuals makes the whole song experience quite complete, giving you multiple Harry Merry copies on the screen who sing in perfect harmony their song with dedication and passion. The repetition of some of the animation bits really work well to make it a long lasting memorable expression; probably making his devoted fans very happy, but also powerful enough to generate a whole new bunch of them. This is well deserved as Harry Merry’s songs are perhaps light fun on the outside, it’s incredibly well done on the inside; the work of a genius!


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