chēēZ π -The Clones of Dr. Funkenstein (2016)

artist: chēēZ π
title:  The Clones of Dr. Funkenstein
keywords: bootsy, dance, fatboy slim, funkadelic, george clinton, parliament, pfunk, chiptune, club, edm, electronic, funk, party
label: FEUERSTEIN Records

The music to swing your hips rhythmically, to bring your head on a plate in order to sacrifice it to the gods of groove and funk. It starts with the lengthy groovy ‘The Clones of Dr. Funkenstein, with sounds as hot as they are cool, nicely lubricated with lubrication of smooth electric synthesizes, firmly rubbed in by massive beats and retro pixel loops.
Who can resist such music? Chuck Norris? Yes, pretty much Chuck Norris, he might even show up and play a lucrative piece of chicken-funk on a guitar; that’s how massive these tunes are.

After the excessive upbeat funkiness the release slips into a perfect ‘Untitled (How Does It Feel) tune; a slow-mo piece of soulful perfection. The music is like an classy hypnotist, bringing the perfect tempo in luxurious bass, funk, and even a bit of fine craziness in the mix. It’s the perfect tune to be settled in, dream, bounce away and remember that ‘life is good!’.

And in all honesty; this greatness is just the beginning as the freely available for download music just gets better and bigger! Good luck trying to dislike ‘Under The Influence’ as haters might need a whole lot of it! It’s super upbeat, funky, groovy and simply rather fat and oddly beautiful.
The groove is one that will hijack you for a pleasant rhythmic episode in which a great sound choice come together to form pretty music that is as mysterious hypnotizing as it is awake and energetic. A bit like drinking coffee and camomile tea at the same time! (but than as dance material!)

The pleasantness and excellence of this release simply knows no ends, or boundaries; It even goes so far to gaze into the stars, projects its super fantastic spaciness in disco class space ships and beams it seasoned back to our world down on earth. The result is something that is funk that sounds as it has been produced somewhere from out of this world; alienating with a pure delightful vibe of pleasant mind-nap that brings retro LSD liquids in combination with an active brew of superbly done energetic pleasure. I can’t describe it; I’m hypnotized and feel superbly blessed to be at the receiving end of both ears attached to my head.. 9 minutes of more highly recommended material!

And still the greatness is far from over! A classy and lengrhy Funky Drummer track is as innovative as its irresistible. The movement of the drums, the fat bass, the sweet synthetic rolling delights of music and sound; it’s hard not to feel spoiled with such amazing music coming out of the speakers. Is this music really free to download? It’s almost unbelievable and too good to be true, but its true; amazing material! This track adds another eleven minutes of excellent music to the lengthy album experience of pure excellence, it really feels like discovering this album made by such an obscure artist named chēēZ π is truly a blessing for the soul and the ears. And even with so much blessings, the music on this album just keeps on going, better, bigger, fatter, groovier and aahhh…

You better get it over here as it’s really too good to be free… a blessing! so before someone changes their mind, download it quickly:
^ some amazing music right here!

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1 Response to chēēZ π -The Clones of Dr. Funkenstein (2016)

  1. Linda says:

    I made it to the weekend! And could not properly listen to this beuatiful album, It scared me at the start with the filled out waveforms and I was scared because it -could- be a lot of hip-moving hard noise. It was not and I would love to hear more! So it is on the list for Tuesday or perhaps even to be used on a dinner party on Saturday. Why, why not?! ❤

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