Quint Baker – Psychic Cat’z Bunny Castle

a0584468231_16artist: Quint Baker
title: Psychic Cat’z Bunny Castle
keywords: alien pop band alternative experimental quint baker dada drums guitar guitars outsider outsider music singer-songwriter unique Los Angeles

Quint Baker is one of the favorite artists whose music keeps pleasantly infiltrating my ears. The reason is probably because it’s pretty real, surreal, super lo-fi and pretty pleasant, nicely unique in poppy psychedelic corners.
This album is no exception and will deliver people with an adventurous music taste something to hang their head in and bounce it around with the artist’s vibes.

It starts with the warm welcoming ‘I Want To Be In Love’ in which it Quint instantly serenades it’s listening listeners a love song, making everyone who went for this album feel special and loved inside. Quint’s pleasant warm voice is superbly full of romanticism, perfectly laying down a informal intimate mood between the artist and it’s aroused listeners.

The artist than comes up with the ever so pleasantly sounding ‘Homage To The Crying Girl’ , in which a sweet vibe of acoustic pleasantness gets timed up with a feel good groove & lots of humbling ‘ah’ & ‘oh’ sounding sufferings of vocal origin; making it an intimate experience to be sweetly shivering your tears away with.

Another pleasant easy going groovy flow of intimacy is brought with ‘Banana Boy’. It sounds very positive, having a psychedelic poppy sound and feel, making you feel like a monkey had came down from a visit to Lucy in the sky to present you his banana.

‘Flown Onto The Next Town’ is one of these moments in which Quint really gets the ears into the zone of seeing and hearing things that might possibly not really there within this reality. Creative as the artist is, Quint experiments with the vocal sounds turning the pleasant vibe into something that is going off the rails of normality. Which is pretty nice if you’d ask me.

A sweet but raw sounding ‘Roman Numerals’ is putting the crayon line under the lo-fi style that this artist is so known for. It’s a colorful line, yet grainy and fine like the dust gathered from a thump stone.

The psychedelic trance that Quint is translating his art in comes nicely out in the light in the funky low rider named ‘Skin Bird’. The muffled effect is giving it the feeling of receiving a track in your entertainment system after heavily dozing yourself with a fine mix of cocktails and probably unpredictable forms of self medication.

Then the artist brings the lovable sounds of something that sounds as cute as a GameBoy, but actually more of a GameGirl. It’s ‘Girls Girls Girls’ which goes for that cute beep computer sound that everyone loves, repeats it (because the artist is here to please) and sweetly intoxicate this loop with psychedelic sweet and sexy bonus dimensions. It’s fairly pleasant ear material!

More active and a tit crazy is ‘Girls Ride’ in which there flows an unique sound and feel of energy. It’s probably one of my personal favorites on the album, not only because it is so cool and does a great task of hyping things up; it’s also pretty much high up on the originality scale! Flubbing in a retro pop sound, dubious space rock in a pure alien flavor that is as powerful as it is pleasantly nuts.

Talking about nuts, the ‘Cute Babysitter’ is a bit like the theme tune for a slow dense Bennie Hill girl in a bunny costume. It’s super sexy, hot and also a bit sleazy and cheesy. Who doesn’t love cheese?

The last romantic psychedelic goodbye comes with the perfectly friendly sounding ‘Violet Calls Me Shine Boy’. A pleasant smooth rhythm, a personal pleasing special singing Quint on a appealing dub vibe that feels relaxed, romantic and pretty smokey. A sweet ending for a very personal and yet distant sounding flirt of an album. I think its a good example of Quint’s art in making accessible weirdness that could be sexy as hell.

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