Charles Manson – Walking In The Truth

artist: Charles Manson
title: Walking In The Truth
format: vinyl / digital
keywords: acoustic manson acoustic guitar outsider California
reviewer: Willem van O.

There is no denying that there is something really calming to hear Charles Manson playing his songs with a guitar. I was one of these people enjoying his old demo material, really digging his sound minus the girls singing in the back; they always gave it a creepy vibe. But now suddenly ‘new’ material arrived. Songs obviously recorded on a dodgy tape recorder, adding lots of lo-fi hiss to the music, which strangely seems to benefit to the sound of making it feel more cozy and upfront.

According to the information these songs are recorded in prison, passed around to inmates and now available for the jailed ones on the outside of prison. It’s quite a remarkable audio collection of songs that gives a great peak into the unbeatable personality that is this strong minded individual. There are some great song writing bits ‘i love you like a father and a clown’ and ‘i see your asshole soul-hole’, and Charles his voice sounds sweet and seasoned, not having lost a single bit of its complexity, imagination, groove and positivism.

In the background you can hear lots of noises, prison noises; doesn’t sound like a place that could inspire pretty songs, but with these recordings Charles Manson proofs again that even though he might be behind bars he is as free as he always was. His mind is openly drifting away like a pretty butterfly while others perhaps stare at a wall; the soul of this man is not at all shackled and the results in words really come to an highlight in the dreamy pleasant sounding ‘Jigger Jam’.

For the fans of the funky side there is ‘little kids’ in which Charles Manson showcases his ability of improvising with groove and voice,  he is clearly enjoying the companionship of the tape recorder. Delivering a piece that goes all over the place, strangely bringing a admiring dose of uplifting positive vibes to all who tunes in.

From a musical perspective Charles Manson proofs that his mind is made for the music, he has the grooves, the never stoppable flow of words that perhaps crazy as it is, seems to make pretty much lots of sense. He is an amazing improviser, able to make pretty music that proofs that even though you can lock him up; you can’t lock him up. This man is unbreakable, and so is his passion for music. When Charles sings in a pretty warm loving voice ‘all i want is peace on earth’ you know he means it…

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