Jan Strach – Roots Of Hau

artist: Jan Strach
title: Roots Of Hau
keywords: rock casio experimental jan strach lo-fi odd meter poland polska poznań progressive underpolen Poznań video animation

One of the most underrated but personally enormously beloved video animations on the internet is one coming out of the hands, mind and imagination of a certain interesting casio-loving music making individual named ‘Jan Strach’. His music is worth to check out as its colorful and fun, a bit all over the place in a good way. But this video animation work coupled to one of his tunes ‘Roots Of Hau’ is one of the highlights in among the moving images available on YouTube. I can’t get enough of it, yet it is probably the work that takes an enormous amount of time to create, probably hand work done frame by frame; a creation that is easy to be spotted as a labor of love!

Within the spectacular animation Jan Strach brings amazing scenes probably unseen outside the imagination of this artist. Think for example a cool guy on skis, sliding on the concrete while being pulled by a truck; eat that Jackass! Another outstanding scene is the depiction of a bright pink clothed guitarist who uses a big nosed woman’s long hair to play his guitar riffs on: It’s pretty much amazing!

Other amazing animation happenings are the showcase of a good looking butt-crack, an idiot poking almost his own eye out, wicked animated dance moves, a green monster destroying his own house in a spectacular way… Another great animated scene is the one in which a surprising way of eating spaghetti is being showcased & I didn’t even mention the toothpaste-genie! This and many other scenes could be seen in this short animation production, and as it’s one of my favorite videos on the entire internet; you might as well give it a try too! Oh and there is the music, the spectacular music that comes along with the video animation..

If you liked the music in the video animation done by Jan Strach, than please feel very free to check out the album with this tune & other goodies:
Spectacular isn’t it?

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5 Responses to Jan Strach – Roots Of Hau

  1. linda says:

    ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ that clip got me, I'm in for the whole experience! Can't understand a word, so it should be possible to combine with working on some text thingies….

  2. linda says:

    The whole album is great, but Roots of Hau seems to have gotten the “fall down like refreshing spring rain after a great easter weekend when confronted once again with that stubborn non cooperative colleague that makes you feel so insignificant”. I’m tempted to load the video in listenonrepeat.com.

    Whatever, I just did. Such a relief. The day is saved.

    • kainobuko says:

      Hooray ❤ ❤ ❤

    • Jan Strach says:

      Hi Linda darling. Jan Strach speaking. You made my month with your fantastic comments for my little video. So glad you like my tune and visuals. A new album has just come out where there is some craziness. And a new animated video is in the works. Many hugs of gratitude shooting out from Poland in yer general direction! HG HG HG

      • linda says:

        Nice new album ! In all excitement I clicked on both your new album as well as your translated song on youtube. That was a bit much at once 😀 And very interesting meaning to the lyrics, did not expect that, but it made all sense.

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