Sludge Vomit Cop – Corporal Funishment

Artist: Sludge Vomit Cop
title: Corporal Funishment
keywords: : bring darkfast don’t experimental grandma powerhouse Annapolis

Are you out of breath? Suffering from not being able to do anything then just sitting or sleeping?
Are you sick and tired of pop music and those endless ambient albums that just whisper for hours until you are almost dozing into a coma of boredom? Need a quick boost? Might I recommend some Corporal Funishment by Sludge Vomit Cop? It’s a short thing from 2013, but don’t let the date pull you off… It might be just the little kick in the buttocks that a person might need when browsing the suckiest blog of all time…

E-Cigarettes Taste Like Dog-Farts brings the little action in the ears, something to wake up and get some speed balls rushing, material that is as rough as the spikey hairs that stand up in your neck. The smell of sweat and dirty guitars played in tiny rehearsal rooms will enter your nose instantly, but it’s the music that does it. No energy drink can tip this, as a little instant boost of rather rough around the edges is sometimes all that a disorientated sleepy person needs to peel open the eyes and feel geared up for a nice voltage of metal.

A little dose of anger always helps as well to heath up, and let that blood boil! Sludge Vomit Cop directs its lovable anger at bestselling book writer in the USA and most ignorant American television host Bill O’Reilly. With a person like him, you never really know if he is playing an act, or he is actually really an annoying nonfactual fat fly on a windshield? It doesn’t matter as on Corporal Funishment Bill gets fucked, and Sludge Vomit Cop fucks him hard. It’s nice to have some words dedicated while the fun and furious fuck you is taking place & for some nice magical reason it really does a great job to replace an adrenaline rush of coffee with one generated out of anger performed in music.

The last part of the wake up session is the raunchy work My Strings Are Actually Rebar. It’s nasty, yet nicely swinging with a steady drum in a guitar noise-field that seemingly seems to showcase what such an electric guitar could do when suffering from a person named Atom Weiss experimenting with it! It’s noisy, but refreshing. Love the siren at the end, really helps to clean the table from slow making greenery and get off your ass in a rather quick shape and form. It’s a bit like the breakfast depicted on the cover picture, quick but it gets the job pretty much done!

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