The Elderbranch Campaign – Sacred Songs Of The Field

Artist: The Elderbranch Campaign
title: Sacred Songs Of The Field
keywords: ambient experimental black metal ambient industrial dark ambient drone experimental sound art sound sculpture soundscape Irvine
reviewer: Willem van O.

With Sacred Songs Of The Field The Elderbranch Campaign bring in the luxury that is a combination of dark sound and music. It’s brought in a collection of three lengthy works, beginning with The Lamentations Of Sheep and ending with The Passion Of Dogs, with ‘The Sacrifice Of Pigs’ in the middle. The Lamentations Of Sheep is deep and warm, perfectly filling up the emptiness with sensible ambient drone that comes across humble and authentic. In this bed of mellow drone an electric sheep razor can be found, clearly getting used to pull the wool coat of the sheep in a most delicate and kind way. It’s almost as if The Elderbranch Campaign created this ambient work in order to calm these sheep down, in order to make the shaving process sufficient and easily workable. The theme of the ambient becomes a bit more darker, as if the sheep are realizing that they are starting to lose their hair.

Somehow The Elderbranch Campaign knows how to fade this panic out, and starting all over again with a much more shimmering form of ear tingling ambient sensation. Something that will leave the place open for another form of instant darkness, something that clearly upsets the sheep so much that the shaving sounds are simply forgotten & the minds of the sheep can be clearly heard having some psychological damaging nightmares. But luckily this session is as bipolar as it could be; ending the whole natural flowing session with something out of a pretty dream world; kind and magical. As if the sheep had gone to sleep peacefully and a holy bunch of nuns are brought out to take take of them. They sing their holy vocal chords out and that’s the end of the first The Elderbranch Campaign trip…

Than nightmare time again; the suffering of pigs are brought to the microphone in an experimental expressive soundwave way. They don’t oink in their pig language, but The Elderbranch Campaign somehow captured their stress and darkened feelings in this strange sounding drone scape. It’s quite cold, making me feel like a winter coat and a scarf would be one of the tools needed to hear this work properly. It slowly slips into a kinder vibe, still cold, like a breezy snow landscape in which we stumble among the many pigs waiting to be sacrificed for some unknown reason. Here they can be heard sniffing around, as well as hungry birds of prey that seemingly tumble above our and their heads. At the end the music piece leaves all the animals behind, only delivering a cold and lonely ambience that somehow made me teary eyed cause I really love pigs.. Alive and well..

The last part starts with a nice doomsday-worthy shocker of an intro. This is ‘The Passion Of Dogs’ a work that feels grand, cold and strangely holy. There is something of death that rings the audio soundscape over here, but there is also a form of rhythm involved; making it a work that sounds different than the other works. It progresses nicely in a wonderful end in which melody forms the shining final element on the album, Making it a euphoric touch of beauty after the dark journey that this album in general has been sounding like.

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