Sam and the Womp – School of Womp (Live!)

Artist: Sam and the Womp
title: School of Womp (Live!)
keywords: madness, brass, live education, womp
artist website:

The school of Womp doesn’t seem to require its students to wear uniforms, however large noses and gigantic hands seems to be a body feature that would be appreciated to have when rolling into your first lesson. Not sure how to enroll in this form of exclusive case of higher education, but somehow some insider managed to document a bit how a typical Womping school day would look and sound like.

It seems that the Womp education follows a high density structure of brass womp funk dance music, with a certain amazing lecturer named Tony Ricco who teaches the enrolled students the art of responding to possible the best saxophone solo out there. It is madness, and even though there aren’t any electric guitars around it does has something punk about it.

The students and professors at this academy of Womp are seemingly doing a class in which interaction, response and spasms are clearly celebrated. The equal taste of the education of Womp madness can be solidly felt when lecturing music academics and students fall into spontaneous spastic attacks; something that is not a sign that wants to make you call up an ambulance, but looks like a mutual form of passionately strange enjoyment.

Of course this education is given in secret and at unknown locations, as the channeling of Womp wisdom might be a danger in the wrong (tiny) hands. But if you read this, and have an interest it’s a good tip to keep in touch with this higher education system of Womp by regulary peeking at their website or facebook account. Not sure about the fee, but I heard the Womp diploma looks beautiful and pretty legit! (especially when being hold up by a pair of big strong hands)

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1 Response to Sam and the Womp – School of Womp (Live!)

  1. linda says:

    Waving hands like crazy… till they get blue. My boss won’t like me listening to all these cheerfull, festive or music, but my hands like it! wapper wapper wapper!

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