Various Artists – Territorios (Experimentación Sonora en Argentina) [vv​.​aa]

artist: Various
title: Territorios (Experimentación Sonora en Argentina) [vv​.​aa]
format: digital / CD (limited to 50 copies)
keywords: experimental vv.aa ambient avantgarde experimental freak folk free improvisation free jazz improvisation soundart soundscape Argentina
label: Carbonoproyecto

‘Territorios’ is a work that brings together different sound demonstrations by Argentine artists located in different parts of the country such as Cordoba, Buenos Aires, Mendoza, Santa Fe, La Pampa, San Juan, Jujuy, Chubut and Corrientes, which were grouped by Lorenzo Gomez Oviedo between October 2015 and January 2016.

sounds like a good release that will take us non Argentinians on a nice trip,
and that is exactly what it is. A high quality trip of a diversity of music that will make you possible fall in love with the experimental side of Argentina. With 14 tracks available on this compilation, I’ve got a lot of valentine cards to make!

Estación Olleros, 7 de la tarde (by Juan José Calarco) is simply beautiful. A most pleasant surprise for all who love to be suddenly surrounded in an astonishing glory of wildlife and impressive sounding sounds of nature. It’s like a dream falling through the thick and soft leafs of gigantic forestation and hear an amazing soundscape of exotic animals while slowly getting a free train ride to the next station.

Protesta en la embajada egipcia (by Las hijas de Israel) is narrowing the widened natural view of sounds and are keeping it closer to the artist’s space. An music and sound maker who clearly isn’t afraid to experiment and knows how to cater these experiments to the consumer.

Te sigo (by La centrífuga) is another track that shows how much diversity these artists have, while still having their roots to nicely mix them together. Her its a passionate sang song with warm psychedelic guitar work that does an incredible job to showcase passion and dedication to this song and probably to music in general. It’s like listening to someone’s soul converted to music expression.

Casino de contactados VIP-Zondas sonoras (by Los Siquicos Litoraleños) takes on a modern spiritual path in music making. Bringing electronic effects to hand played traditional instruments and exotic sounds, making it into a very interesting work that starts as a psychedelic trip and ends with a fun song that will make people feel the sun shining through.

xXx (by Franco Falistoco Araya) is a lengthy soundscape that plays with the mind as well with the mind. A whole range of nicely recorded material is been fed, giving it a trip feeling that is full of wonder and prettiness. The sounds could come from places that have food being served, or outside in the depth of wonder and nature. But the real beauty starts with the melodic mystery music; the combination of jangling guitar and strange ambient synths is something that works in intriguing and hypnotizing ways.

L3C (by Jaime Genovart-Pablo Reche-Alan Courtis) is one that speaks to the imagination. A experimental soundscape that could be interpreted by a listen in listener in so many way. I would hear a colony of horses marching in a dark setting while drumming with their little fore-hoofs, with her and there the darkness being brightened up by fireworks.

Piazza (by Alma Laprida) is taking things to a human feel, giving us the nicely recorded session of a clock tower doing it’s happy thing. It sounds like bells announcing joy; is someone getting married?

Tusentidoruleco (by Karim D. Villalba) brings back the abstractness in the experimentation. Nice newly generated electric sounding sounds are setup into a rhythmic showcase, the voice that appears and the rhythm that the noises make did make me think of a ride in a bizarre way of public transport. But as soon as the voice began to sing in multiple expressive (and in weird ways) the feeling of being in a crazy protest song of some kind had replaced the traveling feeling. The singing becomes funnily insane, giving a good impression of the artist in using its powers to turn steady lips into a smile.

Conciencia fragmentada (by Pablo Cercas) delivers more work to be extremely happy about. A nice glitchy production of delicate pretty sounds all chopped and lined up to form organic melodic spasms of beauty.

Un insecto buscando a su familia (by Ese) is bringing a experimental take to the wild sounds in the deep outside. It’s for such a wild brewing dark growling exposure of a work also very funny because the artist compensates the hunting sounds of a (possibly) a lion, with the calls of a squeaky rubber duck.

dd_mm_aaaa (by Lorenzo Gomez Oviedo) is fairly different in bringing a joyful experiment rhythm of all kinds of (I believe) silverware , cutlery and other material that normally wouldn’t be living the life of a groove maker. It sounds like lots of fun!

Cinco y cinco (by Stereopomos) is a lengthy more traditional sounding pleasant band improvisation, it’s nice to hear and chill with; makes me kinda feel like being on vacation.

Peliculas (by Höxollem) is another remarkable piece of music on this compilation, standing out in its full on euphoric synthesizer work. It’s pretty cinematic, has the buildups and ends with the highest and beautiful anti-climax. To describe it as a vision, I would say; see this track as yourself in medieval warrior costume, stepping onto the highest hill to overlook the valley, raise your fist in to the big sky at the final top and feel like you have conquered everything you had wished to conquer. A good feeling isn’t it?

13S (by Juan Manuel Castrillo) has the audience and it’s kettle on it’s standing feet, clapping and other approving enthusiastic signaling sounds like whistling and the hits of cowbells and peps of honks. It’s a real standing ovation of everyone and everybody happy and delighted; what a marvelous and outrageously good ending for such a feast of a compilation.

If you had come to this part of the internet to read about an album or compilation that supposedly would suck, you would be disappointed: this compilation is quality music all the way through! Can’t find anything to complain or nag about, and would even say that all the artist keep the listening session into a joy by bringing such a diversity in sound and feel, yet they keep it somehow together. I also would like to conclude that for an experimental music compilation, this one is extremely listenable, making it not just an album for some thick glassed nerds at the academy, but one that could be enjoyed by anyone and everyone. Really a joy to listen too! So the only thing that would suck over here is if you for some reason didn’t know how to click the following link to hear the quality music experience from Argentina. Recommended listen, (if you enjoy good music, that is…) :

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    Compartimos una excelente crítica track por track del compilado Territorios publicada en el sitio Inglés Yeahiknowitsucks. A quienes agradecemos su trabajo y compromiso.

  2. Many Thanks for your work and your listening!

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