MMMM – Your Reaction – 1.44MB Floppy single

artist: MMMM
title: Your Reaction – 1.44MB Floppy single
format: floppy disk
keywords: electronic, electro, punk, retro, 8-bit, dance, riot grrrl, super heroes, catchy, pop, rebel music

MMMM is an electro-clash duo from Rīga, Latvia. Its members are Mega Medniex and Mega Moore (of Waterflower). Their attractive style is influenced by retro gaming, japanese anime & culture, electronic “gadgets”, super-hero cartoons, 8-bit gaming, dance-music and riot grrrl lyrics, coupled with real-time visualizations (projections), all packaged in an entertaining manner. We aim to be open for communication, participation and group cooperation, to collaborate with different artists in many areas, there for creating a group and socially linked music project. The duo have been performing live almost from the very start (2015), performing in glowing 3D masks.


MMMM is ready for action!

You want change? Making yourself useful?
Getting rid of the 1 percent?
Are up for equal rights?
Want to make what’s wrong, right?


Let’s start a revolution!

Heads will roll and change will be made! No more war, no more racists, and together we bring down the animal abusers, xenophobes, homophobes, and say goodbye to hate crime and rich animal hunters!

Let’s revolt!


Dont turn your back on the revolutionary action!

Let’s get those keyboards and finger out! Let’s open up a special social media page on the internet, create an online petition, send out emails and friend request; together we can make a change! Share the revolution around and make the world a better place!


Come and protest, now is the time!
You have the force!

No more corrupt politicians and the end of police brutality!
Together, you, me, us, the internet; we can do it!
Let’s digitally revolt with memes and other people’s quotes!
That will teach the baddies!

You can fight it, or dislike it!


Okay, online warriors. As we sit here revolting and protesting while heavily seated on our asses, we all can assume that the cases that we are protesting against, are just doing business as usual. We might even be typing away with angry bolded fists on our computers, notepads, iPad, intelligent telephones and other idiotic hipster modern day consumer items (that some poor people constructed for a few pennies) in the end we are just a bunch of terrible, terrible revolutionaries.

Imagine that we would live in France at the time of the French revolution, armed with an internet connection; no heads of state would have rolled down into the waiting bucket. There is all this action online, but so little action outside the box. The people who used to chain themselves to a fence to protect a baby duck, or some other good action are slowly getting extinct… Someone open a facebook page in order to save the dying real life protester!

We got to do something!
We have to start a revolution!
We have to protest!
We can make a change!

But are you up for the job? Are you willing to leave the pizza slice alone, and go outside to save the world, defeat the hate in the haters, and show some empathy and love?

– I guess not, yet. As you are (as crazy as it is) obviously still here..
Which is good; as it will give me a bit of time to explain the above tirade..


Halt your online protest! Behold and admire this wonderful and good looking floppy!

I believe that the above theory of too much internet warriors and too little real life action is what the following release by MMMM is about. It’s an original concept that actually really fits in this modern day of time in which everybody shares and types its political opinions and protests around. It certainly made me think for a bit… Then I started the online warrior mood and began typing the whole load of words above like some freaking insane samurai. You could definitely say that the music on this release is consciously strong and pretty much material that sets to think!


But warriors for the good causes, there is so much more to this wonderful release.. It’s not at all that serious! Besides it comes with amazing artwork done by Shouryuartsu ( And it’s lots of fun, really! Like super happy crazy and catchy electronic pixel synth pop that will get you into a dancing maniac (virtually and in real life!) in no time! The music got an enormously fun energetic vibe, and is thick and pleasant in its bleepy core! The singing voice sings like a positive warrior on this energetic material with outstanding baselines, emotionally positive upsweeping game-sound melodies! It’s an absolute golden pearl of a song, voluminous, well done and brought with a meaningful dose of pure passion!

This is an hot hit single, intelligent, ass kicking and with a good cause:
Getting you and your friends of the couch for some inspiring real life action!
The recommended material is beautifully captured on everyone’s favorite physical format; the floppy disk! And it’s very, very, very recommended to pick up one of these hot copies and hear the content as loud and bright as possible! Who knows; it might save the planet!!

In case of this floppy release:
You can’t fight it, or dislike it!
It’s soooooooOOOOOooOOOOO GOOOOD!!!!

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