Mumblerap Attorney – Mumblerap Is Back

Artist: Mumblerap Attorney
title: Mumblerap Is Back
keywords: mumble rap, experimental experimental electronic noise strange techno Florida

Rap music might not be for everyone, even the Gene Simmons guy seems to have a problem with it. But mumble rap is something else, even the haters of the music style should really give it a try. Mumble Rap is simply the new thing that makes rap enjoyable for people who aren’t a fan of the normal rap genre; clearly engineered to bring rap fanatics with rap-avoiders together in a peaceful coming together.

Mumble rap is peace.

Mumble Rap might have the grooves that rap friends love, but it’s all about the rapping that makes this genre standing out; no offending words, no difficult subjects that for a non-rap insider are difficult to identify with, no disses or gangster material, just a good flow with beautifully pronounced mumbles!

Mumble rap is making rap music fun to hear for everybody, clearly a case in which a good sense of humor had beaten up a bad case of humor. The best way to introduce yourself with the genre and entire happening is by hearing the master of the genre himself doing its beautiful thing! All praise and enjoy the work of mumblerap attorney! Clearly establishing and returning mumble rap back on the map again.. Awesome!

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