Various Artists – vk_lobit 8

Artists: Various Artists
title: vk_lobit 8
lobit commutity:

keywords: electronic, experimental, rock, devotional, emotional, ambient, lobit, folk, amazing, high quality, insanely good!
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label: L0BIT

the wonderful Russian based vk_lobit lobit community had done it again,
together they lifted up their sleeves and created a wonderful quality compilation that they kindly donated for free to all who listens and enjoys good lobit music.
Let’s take a peek at the track list:

01 – Unsign – Dose Of Reality
02 – Kruise – See you soon
03 – Deafness – A Wide Expanse Of Cosmic Mind
04 – Long Loaf – Zomby in lo-fi hell
05 – Pranch – Untitled
06 – Sevenism – Viruz(cut)
07 – Axiomid – No
08 – evgthug1 – take me away

^ as you can see, quality above quantity!

This time the compilation came with a serious emotional note, saying that lobit had been dying out, slightly dribbling above surface with fewer and fewer modern day music releases popping up in the modern days of today. Let me place this emotional letter over here, so we can all read along:

Thanks to everyone who liked our community!
Maybe this is the end of our small group.
It sounds like low-bit is no more actual but we think today it’s more actual than ever 😉
Nowdays it’s become hard to find a really good modern release, almost everything we posted last year in our group was made before 2011. So, we think the time to have a break has begun.
Of course we’ll post all the Tibol podcasts(it’s a very good thing I strongly recommend to listen to all of them),
we won’t forget about the dial-up radio with it’s strange atmosphere and modern songs encoded to low bitrate and may be we’ll try to do our best to make some good lobit stuff.
Stay tuned!
P.S.: For everyone who send a track and can’t find it on the compilation. Sorry I was ill and lost some of your stuff 😦 and some of the tracks differed from other works so we couldn’t use them.

The thing with the vk_lobit community, lobit, and its people is that they work from their hearts, clearly devoting themselves to the happening with all their might and glory. And for people who don’t understand what I’m drooling about; see lobit as the opposite of the sound quality that the Tidal losers are promising their users.. Lobit is microtastic, super small and compact and superbly warm in sound. The choice for artists working in all kinds of genres as in lobit; everything sounds better!

It’s true that the lobit releases seems to have slowed down these days, but the raise of physical lobit releases brought out on floppy diskettes seem to have risen tremendously.
Which is cool too, but we do miss the free downloadable albums sliding through our beefy dial up modems.. anyway… let’s get back to the compilation, before completely getting over emotional again…

The essence of lobit is captured in the beautiful sounding music done by unsign ; wonderful glorious warmth and kindness in sound and feel. It’s a ambient moment so appealing that we can’t really believe that this is the start of a compilation driven as a temporary goodbye to the lobit scene.
It isn’t possible! As LOBIT never dies! Yet, we know with sentiment in our hearts and ears that the phenomenon has calmed down a bit, shimmering low in each others hearts like a bear on its winter sleep waiting to wake up and roar around again.
For me personally LOBIT is the best thing that had ever happened to me, being the sound of togetherness, instant atmosphere of acoustics that are generous for all genres and experimentations and gosh it’s just plain beautiful. The reason why my flow of lobit is becoming slower has nothing to do with lobit, but more of personal situations…
Things have been incredible noisy around me, very hectic and a firm amount of time had gone out of the window. And time is important with LOBIT as LOBIT is like a good wine, you just don’t chomp it all down at once, you’ll sip it, stir it around in your ears and than carefully let it all in without any loss for detail…
At the moment in my camp the time for such quality had been not so much available, and hearing this compilation actually made me think about shredding some other activities and make space for the quality life of lobit again… Gosh this music in this peace and loving format is sounding so good!
Just hear the dramatic quality of the work by Kruise on this compilation, a perfect work of sentiment, drama, thoughts and emotion. Clearly capturing electro acoustic material of guitar sensibility mixed with insanely well thought through programmed rhythmic material; only lobit could bring the beauty of such a work out and in the open… So wonderful.
And talking about wonderful music that keeps the high essential sound assets of the greatest music genre on earth alive; the music of Deafness. Deafness beautiful work on the compilation is as solid as it is atmospherically kind. It captures the beautiful tones of data loss and converts them as data gain to decorate the most lovable ambient with. It’s so wonderful and pretty how these gracious lobit tones wonder like angelic seas over each other to bring an emotional masterpiece as if to secure how much the lobit sound is the only thing the world needs. Tears are running down my cheekbones; so beautiful!
Long Loaf also gives the emotional compilation a fine spin, adding a sensible sexy rhythm of see vocal to the mix, definitely finger snapping the cool sound elements of this punk genre that brings people from all over the world together in peace and harmony. Nobody will get rid of us, we will survive the drought, lay down low and slide hi-fi throats when they won’t expect it!
Pranch brings a classy sounding reason to dance to the mix of this important compilation in lobit history. It has the base kick and high hat to provide the heartbeat raising pulse, but it’s the emotional sounding synthetic melody and kind crackles of dust that gives this high sentimental value while we dance.
The next work findable on this compilation that is filled with emotion from a hand and a half full of artists is one by Sevenism and is one that really seems to go deep inside my heart. It bubbles their all the beautiful sound elements of the lower sound encoding like the most pleasant thing you have ever heard. It is so beautiful and wonderful that it instantly heals the sadness of this being the call of an so called forced vacation in high fidelity land; well fuck that! I don’t know about the Lobit VK community and you girls and guys but this pretty music should be enough to get the lobit fighters out and start fanatically producing again!
It’s not only beauty that makes lobit what lobit is, it’s also the punk and freedom elements that makes this one of the music genres we really shouldn’t dive away from. This is once again being cleared in the powerful experimental electronic punk sounding mega track done by Axiomid. It’s the peace keeper and peace bringer among these tracks and for a protest piece of music; very cute too!
To end this fairly emotional compilation with a powerful message of fighting and partying at the same time, there is this ultimate kick ass of a track by Evgthug1 with wild guitars, brawling singing, energetic wild drumming to finalize this not as a defeat, but as a conquering moment! Now that we have heard the call of lobit duty, please pick up your armor and produce, create, spread the word and let lobit live like it had never lived before!

Lobit never dies!!!

Download this compilation for free at the following link:

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3 Responses to Various Artists – vk_lobit 8

  1. Linda says:

    A super nice, relaxing, compilation, with a good amount of pepper at the end for a “re-spin”. I can imagine that people get exhausted from keeping up the lo bit productivity and they would deserve a nice break. But please don’t be dead! The lobit compilations and productions are the jewels of YIKIS ❤

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