Arissa Franklin – Arissa Franklin’s Sexual Experiences

Artist: Arissa Franklin
title: Arissa Franklin’s Sexual Experiences
cat: GT647
keywords: harsh noise wall, noise, lobit
label: Genetic Trance

Arissa Franklin is a beautiful artist name, and ‘Arissa Franklin’s Sexual Experiences’ is a perfect sounding title for an album. An album of 90 minutes of sterile mono lobit noise is for sure to say lengthy enough to be called an album. The titles of the three chapters on this lengthy album might give hints to what Arissa Franklin might have been up to, but the music on itself is less talk and more walk the walk. Or let me correct that; it’s not really a walk, but more a kind of flying stable flow.

To me it becomes a thin veil, one made out of satin and noise, clearly thin and yet thick enough to keep Arissa Franklin’s personal sexual adventures kindly hidden for family’s sake. But there is the key, as revealing graphic sounds of sexuality easily can become ordinary, vulgar and as unappealing as an trashy porno; but with such an stable mystery veil in between us and Arissa Franklin’s sexual adventures it is much more elegant and classy.

What is Arissa Franklin doing behind this non-revealing stable sound? Is Arissa Franklin taking a sensual shower for a fair amount of time to make the water bill go up? Is Arissa Franklin doing sexy things alone, or with others? Is Arissa Franklin aroused or not? Is Arissa Franklin actually there or not? The feeling of not knowing and not seeing is sometimes simply more sensually interesting than actions all rubbed in someone’s face & that’s probably the power of Arissa Franklin’s Sexual Experiences; not knowing and only guessing… It’s pretty sexy!

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