Crystal Tension – Pure Energy

artist: Crystal Tension
title: Pure Energy
keywords:  experimental hardware retro synth video game aesthetic art energy experience hyper sound art tech weird United States
label: Ear Pioneer

Get ready to be happy!
As this is music generating a happy moment!

Helmets on, safety nets prepared and play this energetic happy piece of uplifting material. Once you do, the kicks are holding hands with electric happiness, weirdness, oddness and pretty much amazing feel goodness to be happily lifted up by! Before you’ll know it, we will be happily flying together, heartbeats beating as one and our smiles will heavily affect each other just as the energetic fun music does!

Are you happy yet?

Who can resist the instant feel good load of happy and pure energy? It’s not an heart failure inducing energy drink, but happy melodies, innovative experiments that brings groovy material that is unpredictable and yet totally perfect to follow and wiggle upon. Happiness is here to stay and that it comes in the shape and form of such a friendly energetic collection of tracks is a gift for anyone in need for some happy entertainment.

Happy! Happy! Happy!

End It With Style is ending this brilliant happy sounding groovy electronic release in style. Lots of originality over here, perfect weird but pleasant sounds used for melodic purposes and beats and bass that flip around like an sportive gymnast with a excellent taste in music (a rare combination, I know…)

Hear it over here, you won’t regret the instant happiness:

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1 Response to Crystal Tension – Pure Energy

  1. linda says:

    A good uptune to the weekend!

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