Mono Syntax – Echo

Artist: Mono Syntax
title: Echo
keywords: ambient, lobit, noise, dark ambient
label: 20kbps

Mono Syntax is at it again, delivering a stunning master work of mind blowing beauty. The release contains a delicate amount of special tones that all have their own feel and personality, kindly working together to form a very pleasant sound brew that is like ‘half alien vessel on a string’ and half a gift from the gods.

These micro music compositions are so well crafted that you’ll almost forget how well they are done while listening to them. Each tone, high and low will ring your bells of delight, tickling your human senses with pure precision and lots of personal touch and direction.

Mono Syntax is one of these amazing underground producers out there who are high up on the appreciating scale, and this release simply adds another tune of superglue to secure it. The music as mysterious as it is, knows exactly how to captivate wandering ears, how to go low and wave back up again. At times the music feels like exploring oceanic under water worlds; making me imagine a UFO now lighting up the dark but interesting corners of a fascinating sea world.

But whatever your thoughts and imagination serve you will enjoy these beautiful pieces of music, you’ll be mesmerized and probably don’t want this release to stop. The final work takes it another take further, feeling as if we are moving in a nice muffled tempo of space and time; hopefully we will reach the beginning of the release again for another fine ride of masterpieces.

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1 Response to Mono Syntax – Echo

  1. linda says:

    That babe got me on the wrong foot with my expectation (thank the easter bunney there’s the YIKIS review that corrects prejudgement). Nice bubbly stuff, drifting in my headphones 🙂

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