keywords: ODOR BABY
label: suRRism-Phonoethics
reviewer: Simon Hit

The smell of urine dripping all over the floor, coming from something that splashes out of other beings their urination organs and it is clearly paving its way through the nose-hairs. Itchy mice are also scratching while peeping through the messy smells and at the same time disturbing human news is beamed through the room… This is music, the music of ODOR BABY.

A smelling statement with an American accent by an mad and paranoid American with a gun. Then a fine guts of painful noise that shoots up the listening listeners with a lethal load. The thrilling piss sound is getting more stunning, clearly flushing away the brain with its liquid toxins… This is music, the music of ODOR BABY.

Another protester with a bunch of lies is trying to make a point, while a huge amount of crackling load of burning burns is doing its thing. Everything is on fire, except Stephen Hawking who talks in baby voice as everyone else is suffering… This is music, the music of ODOR BABY.

Then a happy moment in which the smell of friendship between ODOR BABY and FUNSHINE BEAR gets fired up with a high teletubbie quality… You can smell them in their furry costumes, rubbing each others bellies. The flavor of rhythmic horse shit clearly is being smothered over their colorful popsicles, creating a nasty stench of noise to do a little dance upon… This is the music, the music of ODOR BABY and FUNSHINE BEAR.

A voice ordering you to come back to invite you at your own murder is also part of the smelly sound show, it gets the company of a thick smoke screen of gravel that might hurt the ears a bit. The echo on the shouting voice creates an enormous depth, making this terrible release one to run away from, while the voice keeps on shouting ‘come back’ in the distance… This is the music, the music of ODOR BABY.

It smells and sounds bad, but hey that’s just an opinion!
Take it or leave it… This is the music, the music of ODOR BABY.

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