U N D E R N E T – イントラネット – D I G I T A L S P A C E C O R P

Artist: U N D E R N E T – イントラネット
title: D I G I T A L S P A C E C O R P
keywords: acid ambient drone mexico saturation ambient corporate muzak post-vaporwave postvaporwave pure morning vaporwave Monterrey
label: Σшρτγ http://www.facebook.com/emptymty

Kindness and love isn’t the first thing you would think of when getting into the glitchy vapor wave scenery of stolen pleasantries, but while listening to U N D E R N E T – イントラネット’s latest release,these two elements are exactly the ones that will greet your ears with an elegant and sweet grace. It’s in the mellow melody as well as in the rhythm, it’s the pulse of the base kick pulsating the eardrums in a nice mysterious wet-making bliss.

There is something euphoric and relaxing over it, having a glow of pretty world music, new wave ambient and something else that I can’t seem to poke my finger in. It’s all these elements together that makes this release one that will leave the jaw open from beauty on many places; long enough to get some flies and spiders in to the digesting systems.

The kindness as heard in this release is one of a stranger given to another stranger; it’s good and willing, meaningful and yet with enough reverb to refrain from getting too close or too personal; a safe distance prevents it too sound like a unwanted love fest, which is nice as it’s not recommended to hug and cuddle with strangers as you’d simply don’t know who they are.

But even though the general feeling of love and kindness in a distance, the release does bring enough personality with it that could be seen as a nice gift from one person to another. Mellow melodies are always a better gift than a bunch of flowers (after all they never seem to come with a vase, and die quick without water…)

After all the politeness and distant getting to know each other, the release turns completely around with its final track. This one is full on sex for the ears, featuring even a smooth sensual muffled voice to get your stamina up for some intense cuddle and hold session. The most romantic instrument of cheese ‘the saxophone ‘ is very spot on, making the friendly safe encounter with a stranger into one that ends as intense as two sensual magnets touching each other for the very first time!


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