Merzlux – No Worries About Love

Artist: Merzlux
title: No Worries About Love
cat: Merz000001
format: Tape (limited to 4 copies)
keywords: Folk, World, & Country
label: Genetic Tapes

The enormous discography of Merzbow is on the line by a new artist in town. This new artist has sworn upon the greater gods of sound and music to be more productive than Merzbow. A task that easily could be compared to build a larger hill than the Mount Everest, a difficult and challenging job, but with the right amount of sand and spirit (and time) it would be a possibility.

This is not done out of disrespect, as the artist in question appreciates the early works, and a fair amount of the other Merzbow works a great deal. Yet, the later works didn’t really seem to impress the young inspiring artist much, making the artist feel a bit bored. And in this state of boredom this project and idea was born; Merzlux throwing as much luxurious releases out on tape as possible, in order to build a larger pile of music and sound than the tower of Merzbow outputs.

All conquering challenges have to begin somewhere, and this artist first beginning of this historic event has just been realized. The first ever tape is as strong as it is beautiful. A clear and solid first stone thrown in to the right direction and with only four copies made; this might be considered a rare stone made of pure gold! A collector’s item!

On this tape the sounds of music is up to your own imagination. The obvious thought would be a pretty stunning recording of a bitch fight. Think of a pair of female dogs with hands instead of dog paws, slapping each other with a recording microphone nearby. The lesser obvious thought would be that it is actually a release capturing a classy tap-dance session.

Either way that your imagination flows; the recording is full on action, clearly capturing the spirit from a close range, in such a perfect sound quality! Crystal clear tap-dancing or bitch slapping is what this beautiful master piece on tape is all about, and I (who am I? I don’t know!) fully recommend to get your sweaty hands onto one of these very limited copies… They will obviously fly away in no time, so be quick!

To get yourself one of these precious rare limited copies, you can browse to the label and contact them for any further assistance:

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