Golden Girls Theme Song – Thank You For Being a Friend – Bradley Voorhees (Cover)

Artist: Bradley Voorhees
title: Golden Girls Theme Song – Thank You For Being a Friend – Bradley Voorhees (Cover)

Hello reader, thank you for spending considerable time on our humble online home.
To thank you for staying with us, (even if you have never been here before: thank you for dropping by, so nice and friendly of you!) I would like to dedicate this special post to you, our one and only friend. You are the one that we are counting on, the person that is the oil in our engine, the fuel in our typing fingers; thank you for being our friend!

I could say a thousand words more, probably send you a bunch of flowers and chocolate cookies, but good music is such a refined gift that simply would make all other presents look like a bunch of nothings.
Luckily one of our secret crushes, the legendary singer Bradley Voorhees has the perfect cover song for this moment of thankfulness. Bradley Voorhees covers in his smooth and sensual voice the Golden Girls theme ‘Thank You For Being A Friend’.

What else could a possible friend like yourself want or wish for?
Bradley Voorhees brings this delicious song together with visual enlightenment,
and (for the singers  under us) with a very spectacular singing throat technique.
He holds and moves his adam’s apple to bring a perfect shivering in his vocal expression; how beautiful!

This one is for you dear reader, our finest and dearest pall…
We hope you stay with us till the end of time,
and if you have no time for that, stay at least until the end of this very special and sensitive sung song by Bradley Voorhees. We couldn’t sing or say it any better, so thank you Bradley for the song, and thank you (once again) dear reader, for being our friend.

For more music by the wonderful Bradley Voorhees, its recommended to check his enormous collection of songs at his Bandcamp acount:
or spend some entertaining time while browsing through more covers done by Bradley Voorhees in video form:

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1 Response to Golden Girls Theme Song – Thank You For Being a Friend – Bradley Voorhees (Cover)

  1. Thanks for the exposure.

    Bradley v.

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