Maggie Lee – You Belong To The Elements demo

artist: Maggie Lee
title: You Belong To The Elements demo
keywords: acoustic folkpunk live scurvy Fort Worth
reviewer: Willem van O.

Maggie Lee is making clear from the start of this release that she isn’t really interested in being nice, if she really likes your eyes she will be glad to poke them out and keep them in her pockets. Her words are like salt being sprinkled on top of a snail, a little bit psycho and one the edge, giving way to a great attitude of not giving a flying fuck. From the first minute you are already confronted with an image of a roughed up Maggie Lee masturbating, fantasizing about these trophy eyes as she explains with hair on her teeth that she is walking, because she can’t afford the bus; perhaps good news for bus travelers as at least they will be safe for Maggie Lee’s freakish obsession of peeling someone eyes out and take them home. I was not aware of Maggie Lee hunting out there for eyes that she likes, but now that she confessed it in her gritty and powerful anti-folk song; it’s best to go out with dark sunglasses or not go out at all; perhaps even barricade the doors..

With ‘Crime Scene’ the psychopathic sounding artist seemingly teamed up with a male counterpart to sing a song while still being at a self-created crime scene. Telephones are ringing in the back as Maggie Lee and friend anxiously explain (and confess!) the crime & funnily enough it sounds instead of morbid (someone died there…) like something that is utterly cute and perfectly normal. If you don’t understand the language you would think it is some kind of a cute innocent sounding love song, and not the sound of a singing murderer.

Maggie Lee takes it a bit easier, more lovable by delivering ‘Dreams’ executed on a guitar and her warm sounding voice. It’s quite comforting in a folky way, as if Maggie Lee finally lifted her angry murderous mask and shows a side that is more kind and nice. Maggie Lee suddenly becomes someone you trust.. maybe its part of a plan to lower your own shield to perhaps surprise you with a knife being stuck in your head when you totally not expect it. Can’t find any sign of evil over here, which is making it a pleasant moment, yet, It kind of makes me as a listener a bit paranoid.

Maggie Lee takes it a bit easier, more lovable by delivering ‘Dreams’ executed on a guitar and her warm sounding voice.  The song is pretty moving. clearly shredding the murderous cape and showcasing a much more lovable and pleasant side of music. The melody is sweet and folky, you could just imagine Maggie Lee’s fingers on the strings of her instrument, adding some gentle kindness to the whole happening.

With ‘Medium Rare’ Maggie Lee takes it a bit tougher in words, nicely referring to scenes that are a bit rougher around the edges, druggy ones, bugs under the bed, brains fried, black holed ears, references to needles in veins; all poetically speaking of course, still it sketches a bit of a punky scene.

There is more on this release to explore, songs like ‘North South Street’ and a collaboration of Maggie Lee and Earth Bone. But as I’ve got a non existing bus to catch, I will leave the rest in your hands to explore. Check this release out with your own ears and opinions, and hopefully find what you need:

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