Me & Ibrzu – Drowning in Open Spaces

Artists: Me & Ibrzu
title: Drowning in Open Spaces
keywords: raw black metal, black metal, lobit, 8kbps
label: 8Ravens
reviewer: Leo Obit

Me & Ibrzu’s Drowning in Open Spaces makes me feel like I’m listening to a memory of hearing The Pixies ‘Where is my mind’ hit, while heavily under the influence of some mind altering fuzziness. You could easily hear why this memory had popped up, as the track has this distinctive humming/singing going on, which automatically seems to lock my brain with the legendary ‘where is my mind’ humming of that Pixies song.

The shortness of the ‘Drowning in Open Spaces’ does make you feel restrained from falling into it too much, there is almost no time to fully be able to hum along, but it does get enough space to make you think ‘where is my mind’? And before you think; indeed, where is my actual mind? The ‘Drowning in Open Spaces’ had already left, like a thief in audio form, firmly hijacking and drowning your mind potentially in an open space of lo-bit sound…

Now mindless and full of reasonable guesses the release serves up another track. This time it is not called ‘Drowning in Open Spaces’ but ‘Into Quietness of Buildings’. This piece of music stirs away from the memory of that Pixie hit, and instead serves up a harmony of might-be-guitar and might-be-humming-vocals. It’s one of these cases in which you actually really need a mind for, in order to figure out what the hell you are actually hearing.

Unfortunately my mind has gone, and I’m typing this like a headless chicken… I’m surprisingly doing a better job at it than expected… Anyway, you might want to tape your mind inside your head just in case a thief comes along, but at your own risk feel free to tune into this 8kbps collaboration of ‘Me & Ibrzu’:

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