Nick Nikaydo – Enter The Dark

Artist: Nick Nikaydo
title: Enter The Dark
keywords: producer, electronic, beats, Roy
reviewer: Willem van O.

Nick Nikaydo brings the compactness in its finest rhythmic electronic forms. Four delicate delicious tunes in which it’s clear that production’s wise no money had been hidden away to invest in the quality of these fine tunes. The music has everything that the ears could hear, and nothing the mind really could (or should) complain about. The compactness goes from poppy classicness, to brilliant moment of opening up with short synthesizer shots for that housed-up feeling of toe wiggling.

Nick Nikaydo’s tunes have a sniff of funk, a nose full of pop, and an eye ball of big beats; it’s pretty much amazing how all these elements are easily swung in the compactness that is ‘Enter The Dark’. In a few minutes the professional producer simply showcases what the artist is worth in a music studio, and from what my ears could hear; zillions!

Personal favorite on the release is ‘Scoot Scoot’ which even brings some funky chiptune elements to the show, giving a thematic tune that grooves like an eighties ‘cop’ movie starring Eddie Murphy. The time goes very quick while hearing these micro tunes, and before you know it you’ll end up listening to ‘Time Journey’. This is a good thing as it is one more showcase of Nick Nikaydo’s music and his producer’s producing production quality. Not sure who had made the cover art for this release, but the one who made it is pretty talented as well! Classy!

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