Marvin Ferguson – Shudder To Think

Artist: Marvin Ferguson
title: Shudder To Think
keywords: experimental new wave punk audio collage California

Marvin Ferguson whips it all up by getting his Cool Whip out. He produced the nicest slaps for an upbeat joy of upbeat coolness. Mind you, it might hurt a bit, but it seems to be hurting Marvin Ferguson’s buttocks more than our ears.

Another little quirky upbeat fat synth based pop fart of a tune is ‘Can’t Xplain’. It has that rubber sound of retro synth going on, along with this catchy vocal style that lovers of Devo probably could take their funny hats off for. It’s short and to the point, and to be honest as a reviewer I cannot seem to explain it either. It’s fun!

The longest tune on the ‘Shudder To Think’ release is delivering a moment of sensible beauty; a recognizable song that is cherished by all, in the form of Marvin Ferguson’s ‘Wicked Game’. It’s an astonishing moment in which the artist showcases his sensitive side, clearly singing his heart out with the pretty sound ecstatic that would make any music lover shiver from realness.
There is no need for candlelight and a full moon, as this track is romantic enough to make everything else redundant.

Last but certainly not least is ‘Manimal’ in which Marvin Ferguson takes out his manimal spirit, and molds it into a great performance of sound and voice. You might want to bring back the moon again, as for sure you could expect Marvin Ferguson raising up his neck and howl towards it. Short but intense!

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